5 More SuperCon Speakers You Don’t Want To Miss

This morning it is my pleasure to announce five more confirmed speakers for the Hackaday SuperConference. The ultimate hardware conference takes place in just a few weeks: November 5th and 6th in Pasadena, California.

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  • Avidan Ross is the Founding Partner of Root Ventures. Before founding the firm in 2013, he designed industrial robotics for the Food Network’s kitchens, was the CTO of CIM Group where he invested in industrial Internet, and worked as an embedded network application developer at Excite@Home. Away from work, Avidan spends time cooking, glassblowing, and working on his new book about coffee around the world. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Columbia University where he focused on networking protocols.
  • Sam Bobrowicz moved to Pullman, WA from the Seattle Tacoma area. He studied computational neuroscience at Washington State University, before getting transfixed with the power of FPGAs and coming to work for Digilent. Today he is the Applications Manager at Digilent and specializes in Xilinx Zynq development. In his free time, he enjoys skateboarding and backpacking. Convinced that anyone can learn and use FPGA technology, Sam continues to produce and create content that helps users get on boarded to this segment of the technology field.
  • Akiba is based out of Japan and active in the international hardware hacker community. He specializes in product design and manufacturing and teaches what is involved with navigating the factory ecosystem of Shenzhen. When not in Shenzhen, he’s spending time at Hackerfarm, a hackerspace he and some friends founded in rural Japan specializing in agricultural and environmental technology. He runs his own company, FreakLabs, is a research affiliate with MIT Media Lab, and has also been a design consultant to the UN, International Atomic Energy Agency, Google, and various other organizations.
  • Matt Berggren is a hardware engineer, programmer, and product developer. He has extensive experience in designing for FPGA and embedded systems, having spent part of his career with Altium before becoming Senior Director of Product at Supplyframe. Matt is now applying his wide experience as Director of Autodesk Circuits, Eagle, and Tinkercad.
  • Sprite_TM, aka Jeroen Domburg, has always been interested in anything that goes on in the place where hardware meets software. He is an incredibly skilled hardware hacker, able to reverse engineer circuits and code quickly and despite almost any level of obfuscation. He shares this incredible work on his well-known website: spritesmods.com. In 2015 Sprite joined Espressif — creators of the ESP8266 — to develop high performing wireless chips at low cost; he is the Software Engineering Manager leading the team behind the recently release ESP32 chip. Sprite has a reputation for incredible hardware talks. It’s well worth your time to check out his 2015 Hackaday SuperCon talk. Sprite_TM has made equally amazing presentations at the 2014 Hackaday Prize gathering and many other conferences.

These speakers join the five we announced last week: Christal Gordon, Ben Krasnow, Luz Rivas, Ken Shirriff, and Alan Yates. This list of ten confirmed speakers is far from complete. We still have about twenty additional presenters and workshops to announce. More on that soon — including talk titles and descriptions — once we have worked through all of the proposals and confirmed with the invited presenters.

So much goes into developing a product. From the first glimmer of an idea, to a rough prototype on the bench, working with manufacturers (or turning your shop into the assembly line), and working through the firmware and software that will support the equipment. SuperCon is the place to come together with a huge range of people whose collective knowledge and experience covers it all. If you love hardware, you can’t miss this.

It may be too early to know who all the speakers are, but it’s not too early to get your ticket. They will sell out, don’t pass up these Early Bird Tickets.

Find more SuperCon posters and flyers on the event page.

6 thoughts on “5 More SuperCon Speakers You Don’t Want To Miss

  1. I might miss them…

    something is going on in Pasadena that has sold out ALL the hotels or made them stupidly expensive in the downtown near the conference. it’s not like Caltech has a sportsball problem that anyone cares about. but this looks a is deal breaker for attending. or maybe will I commute via BUR.

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