Get Hands-On: Workshop Tickets Now Available

Get together with awesome hackers and build something cool. That’s the exact description for the workshops of the Hackaday SuperConference. Previously we announced all of the talks and some of the workshop presenters, but starting right now you can reserve your space in these inspiring hands-on sessions.

You must have a SuperCon ticket in order to purchase a workshop ticket. We anticipate SuperCon to be sold out before the end of this week so buy your ticket now! This is the ultimate hardware conference, held in Pasadena California on November 5th and 6th.

Workshops start at $5. This is a “skin in the game” rate to help encourage everyone who registers to show up. Space is limited and will surely sell out (last year the waiting list for some of the workshops was far bigger than the actual workshop). Any tickets above the $5 price are to cover the material expense for that workshop.

Delve into ultrasonics, try your hand at rapid prototyping connected devices, head out on the town with your robot, or get building with PCBs, FPGAs, conductive ink, and servo motors. These workshops span a range of very interesting skill sets and will send you away inspired to explore that next big hack.

Introduction to Eagle PCB

Matt Berggren

Saturday 10:00-13:55

Introduction to Eagle PCB workshop taught by Matt Berggren, Director, Autodesk Circuits. This workshop will provide you with the knowledge necessary to create PCB designs in Eagle! This workshop is 4 hours long and will also have board routing demos on the Othermill. Be sure to bring your own computer (Mac/Linux/Windows) with Eagle loaded.

Robot Field Test – HACKADAY Edition

Erin Kennedy

Saturday 14:00-16:55

During the Robot Field Test – HACKADAY Edition, the ten-person workshop will embark on the mission to use a robot to improve the environment. We will venture to an outdoors location and run 3 tasks to test the robot’s functionality for certain problems or experiments that pertain to the locational setting — for example: collecting shoreline debris. We will share our observations about the robot & environment during the debrief session.

Pizza Box DJ — Build Your Own Conductive Ink MIDI Controller

John Park

Saturday 14:00-16:55

In this hands-on workshop I’ll teach people to build their own MIDI controllers using conductive ink, laser cut mylar stencils, cardboard and microcontrollers! We’ll touch on MIDI programming basics on the Circuit Playground running Teensy Core, learn to control Traktor or Mixxx (open source) DJ software, and use the laser cutter to create paint masks from Mylar.

FPGAs: Beyond Digital Logic with Microblaze and Arty

Sam Bobrowicz

Saturday 14:05-18:00

In this hands on workshop run by Digilent’s Sam Bobrowicz, you’ll spend time learning some advanced FPGA applications using the Arty board and Xilinx’s Vivado Design Suite. Participants will use a Microblaze soft core processor along with a library of pre-built IP blocks to design a custom microcontroller and implement it inside an Artix-7 FPGA. Graphical design tools and a standard C-programming environment will be used, this workshop will not involve writing HDL. Bring a laptop computer capable of running Xilinx’s Vivado Design Suite. An Arty board is included in your signup fee.

Soup up your Servo with a Magnetic Encoder

Nicholas Stedman

Sunday 9:55-11:20

When an RC servo is modified for continuous rotation, position seeking is typically sacrificed. That sucks. In this workshop we’ll avoid the trade-off by replacing the built-in potentiometer with an encoder, achieving multi-turn servoing. We’ll run a PID controller on a micro, reading the encoder as input, and driving output to the motor. Finally, we’ll look at opportunities that arise by knowing the servo position, such as the ability to manually train a robot by capturing keyframes.

Learning the Black Magic of Ultrasonics

Keith Williams

Sunday 11:30-12:55

The workshop will go into depth on technical lessons learned as I licensed ultrasonic non-destructive test technology from NASA and worked to commercialized the technology. The company was ultimately acquired by TE Connectivity (a division of Tyco Electronics).

Rapid Prototyping for the Internet of Things

Christine Sunu & Richard Whitney

Sunday 14:05-16:00

Rapidly get started channeling data between the physical and online worlds with this hands-on workshop. We’ll work with Particle Internet Buttons to build simple yet effective IoT interfaces. For all audiences and levels who want to know more about connected hardware design.

This is your fair warning, SuperCon will sell out by the end of the week, and these workshops may be sold out before that. Don’t wait to get your ticket.

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