Fully 3D Printed Snow Blower

For anyone living in cooler climates, the annual onslaught of snow means many hours shoveling driveways and sidewalks. After a light snow, shoveling might seem a waste of time, while a snow blower would be overkill. If only there were a happy middle ground that required minimal effort; perhaps an RC snow groomer with a 3D printed snow blower would work.

We featured an earlier version of this project last year. This year’s model features a slipper clutch — combined with a differential from a heavy RC truck — to forestall damage to the attachment if you happen to hit any rocks or ice chunks. The blades are also thicker and lack teeth in this iteration, as they would catch on anything hard and shatter the blade more often than not. Designed by [Spyker Workshop] (aka [The_Great_Moo]) the snow blower attaches to the front of RC snow groomer — which is originally meant to act like a plow. Seeing the snow blower attachment in action, we’re inclined to believe that he may be onto something.

If you don’t have a snow groomer hanging around your shop, there are certainly other methods to clearing a recent snowfall with minimal effort.

[Thanks for the tip, Keith O!]

12 thoughts on “Fully 3D Printed Snow Blower

  1. While this is impressive it has a couple of small design flaws. The first is the gap between the top of the intake cowling and the auger – this area will packup when the snow is sticky. Wet snow will also clog the discharge chute with the front covered as it is. I know these are not really issues with a model, but they should be noted.

  2. What might make more sense is incorporating inexpensive/widely available snow blower parts into a mostly 3D printed design. Certainly the blade should be a more durable material. You could also use a 3D printed model to cast a metal blade, but again, it might make more sense to buy the blade, in terms of cost savings and performance.

    1. It’s 16″ wide… not sure what inexpensive/widely available parts would apply. The blades are remarkable durable and are saved by the slipper clutch, much like full size units have sheer pins.

    1. Well the blower is at least 90% printed if you consider things by weight if not more. And works amazing, I have built on of these kits myself, printing all of the plastic pieces my self. If you want to get technically about fully 3d printed then to each their own I guess.

  3. From the animated gif I could not work out if it was full size, in which case an awesome build to be 3D printed, or an RC car in which case an awesome build as the attention to detail is awesome.

    Turns out it’s an awesome build. :)

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