The Cyborg Artist – Tattoo Machine Arm Prosthesis

[JC Sheitan Tenet] lost his right arm when he was 10 years old. As most of us, he was right-handed, so the challenges he had to face by not having an arm become even harder.

Have you ever tried to perform mundane tasks with your non-dominant hand? If you’re right-handed, have you ever tried to feed yourself with your left? Or if you’re left-handed, how well can you write with your right? For some people, using both hands comes naturally, but if you’re anything like me, your non-dominant hand is just about useless.

The thing is, he wanted to be a tattoo artist. And he wasn’t giving up. Even facing the added difficulty of not finding a tattoo artist that wanted to take him as an apprentice, he did not gave up. So he became a tattoo artist, using only his left arm. That is, until some months ago, when he met [Jean-Louis Gonzal], a bio-mechanical artist with an engineer background, at a tattoo convention. After seeing [Gonzal] work, he just asked if it was possible to modify a prosthesis and attach a tattoo machine to it.

The Cyborg Artist is born. The tattoo machine in the prosthesis can move 360 degrees for a wide range of movements. [JC Sheitan Tenet] uses it to help with colours, shadows and abstract forms in general. It’s a bad-ass steam punk prosthesis and it’s not just for show, he actually works with it (although not exclusively) . This, it seems, is only the beginning, since the first version of prototype worked so well, the second version is already being planned by [JC] and [Gonzal]. We can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with, maybe a mix between current version and a tattoo robotic arm or a brain controlled needle?

Check it out in the video:

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13 thoughts on “The Cyborg Artist – Tattoo Machine Arm Prosthesis

  1. Idk, im usually all for articles on prosthesis cuz you know, quality of living and all that, but this thing seems like it was made for instagram photos and getting clients to an otherwise mediocre tattoo shop

    1. Yeah, why would someone whose career is based around body-aesthetics want to have a cool-looking prosthesis? /s

      That said, some of his work involving human faces does seem to be lacking in the symmetry department. His more abstract designs are much nicer.

  2. I almost want to lose an arm so I can have one of these, Although I think it could do with some Robocop style missiles in case a customer tries to do a runner without paying. This is a great story I really like seeing how a hack can change a bad situation into something great.

  3. It seems unlikely that one could get finely-tuned co-ordination from such a thing when the muscle-mass moving the object is far from the focal point. Am not a science-type…but it would be like holding a 1m-long paintbrush by the wooden tip with two fingers and attempting to write ‘merry christmas’ on a grain of rice with the other end.

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