Friday Hack Chat: Eagle PCB Design With Matt Berggren

Eagle is a household name for all Hackaday regulars. Here’s your chance to learn about upcoming features, get your ‘how do I do this in Eagle?’ questions answered, and get your wishlist items heard. Join us on Friday at 12:00 PST for a live Hack Chat about the Eagle PCB Design software.

Hosting this week’s discussion is [Matt Berggren], also known on as technolomaniac. Matt is the Director of Autodesk Circuits and with Autodesk’s acquisition of Eagle last summer, the popular schematic design and PCB layout software falls under his purview. He has an extensive background in designing printed circuit boards — if you can do it in EDA software he knows how — this is an excellent opportunity to get answered the questions that have been stumping you.

Don’t miss this Hack Chat! Here’s a handy web tool to help convert 1/13/17 at 12:00 PST to your local time.

Here’s How to Take Part:

Buttons to join the Hacker Channel and enter Hack Chat

Hack Chat are live community events that take place in the Hacker Channel. Visit that page (make sure you are logged in) and look for the “Join this Project Button” in the upper right. Once you are part of the Hacker Channel, that button will change to “Team Messaging” which takes you to the Hack Chat.

You don’t have to wait for Friday, join Hack Chat whenever you like and see what the community is currently talking about.

Join Us Next Week Too for KiCad!

Are you more of a KiCad person than an Eagle person? You should still drop by this week to see if Matt changes your mind. But block out your calendar next week when [Wayne Stambaugh], one of the lead developers of KiCad will join us for a Hack Chat on Friday, 1/20/17.

6 thoughts on “Friday Hack Chat: Eagle PCB Design With Matt Berggren

  1. Just a suggestion for hackaday authors when you write dates can you use a less ambiguous format – in this particular case the intention is clear enough but often it’s not.

    Can I suggest something like 20 Jan 17.

  2. Thanks Mike for including the data/time converting link for us non-locals. Can you make sure that all your editors are mandated to include one too in their postings whenever a time in future is mentioned?

    I suggested this before to one of you, but basically got the reply that it was easier for the reader to convert time time himself if needed instead of having a link conveniently put in the posting!

  3. Just read the chat. It’s very disappointing that Autodesk is heading toward connected licensing for Eagle. @Matt seems to feel this is unavoidable, but Altium Designer (for example) continues to offer a standalone license.

    Eagle inhabits a narrowing niche between KiCad (less performant, no cost or licensing restrictions) and Altium (more capable, higher price). Ignoring the many use cases for standalone licensing will renew my consideration of these alternatives.

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