Valentine’s Heart With Awesome Animations

January has drawn to a close, and for many of you that means: “Oh no! Less than two weeks’ time until Valentine’s day.” But for us here at Hackaday, it means heart-themed blinky projects. Hooray!

[Dmitry Grinberg] has weighed in with his version of the classic heart-shaped LED ring. It’s hard to beat the BOM on this one: just a microcontroller, five resistors, and twenty LEDs. The rest is code, and optionally putting the name of your beloved into the copper layer. Everything is there for you to download.

We’ve featured some epic hacks by [Dmitry] in the past: from his bit-banging Bluetooth Low Energy on the nRF24 chips, to his running Linux (slowly) on an AVR. And although we should say something sentimental here, given the Valentine’s day context, have a look at the framebuffer that he’s implemented for the heart — it makes writing your own cool animations a lot easier.

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