Danger, Will Robinson: Sweet B9 Build

3If you’ve ever seen “Lost in Space” in Portuguese, you’d definitely recognize the phrases that [Everaldo]’s B9 robot reads off of the SD card inside its belly. If not, you can check out the video below and learn such important phrases as “Warning! Alien approaching.” or “The planet’s breaking up” (we presume). Or head over to [Everaldo]’s website and check out the great model build log. And while you’re there, check out his model TRS80 too.)

There’s a lot of solid model-building going on here, but hidden inside the pretty exterior is some good old-fashioned hacking. Once the audio was stored on the SD card, [Everaldo] simply soldered it straight into the project. There’s also an IR daughterboard that drives the robot, while blinky lights and servo motors bring it to life. We want one for our desk!

If you haven’t made an IR-remote-based project, you really should. It’s still among the most hackable of methods to transmit data to or from a microcontroller, while making use of one of those superfluous IR remotes you have kicking around the house. If you’re short on inspiration, and not a model-builder, check out this Hacklet dedicated to IR, or our favorite smart-home(r) device of all time.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? This would make an excellent entry in the Hackaday Sci-Fi contest which is accepting entries through March 6th.

9 thoughts on “Danger, Will Robinson: Sweet B9 Build

  1. Bravo niner, I always thought it’s name was robot. Be careful with that power pack, there is enough power in it to take out a city block!
    Danger, my arms are made of unapproved plastic dryer vent hose. Should I get hot under the collar I might catch fire.

  2. This level of detail deserves greater recognition. It is beyond the normal.

    There is a techie-artist here that is deserving of more. Sci-Fi is a 2x multiplier. Lost in Space another 1.5x. Faithful and skilled detailed reproduction 2x more. This guy’s a winner!

    At Comic-con… this would have had MUCH attention, and a plexi fence needed around it to keep hands off. Take a second look. It’s one of a kind. Or am I mistaken cause that’s only America?

  3. > If you haven’t made an IR-remote-based project, you really should. It’s still among the most hackable of methods

    But make it modular so you can tear it out and replace it with BT/Wifi/NRF/437M five minutes later. It’s very hackable, but it’s shitty UX.

  4. Not Portuguese but Brazilian Portuguese, Brazil proclaimed independence on Portugal on the 1820’s and since then (and maybe before) there has been an increasing divergence on the two dialects caused by political and geographic barriers. Since Standard Portuguese came first, and Standard Portuguese speakers can understand and speak Spanish almost as well as Brazilian Portuguese (but not the reverse since Standard Portuguese has a richer/bigger array of phonetics) both Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese should be considered either Portuguese Dialects or fully fledged languages(I guess this is going too far). I never saw that funny looking thing in my life, but it looks like a cool project.

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