What Is This, A Battle-Bot For Ants?

Instructables user [Team_Panic] — inspired by the resurgence of robot battle arena shows — wanted to dive in to his local ‘bot building club. Being that they fight at the UK ant weight scale with a cap of 150 grams, [Team_Panic] built a spunky little Arduino Mini-controlled bot on the cheap.

The Instructable is aimed at beginners, and so is peppered with sound advice. For instance, [Team_Panic] advises building from “the weapon out” as that dictates how the rest of the robot will come together around it. There are also some simple design considerations on wiring and circuit boards considering the robot in question will take a few hits, as well as instructions to bring the robot together. To assist any beginners in the audience, [Team_Panic] has provided his design for a simple, “slightly crude,” wedge-bot, as well as his code. Just don’t forget to change the radio pipe so you aren’t interfering with other bots!

Arduino Wedge Bot OpenArduino Wedge Bot Controller[Team_Panic] concludes by urging any prospective roboteers to pay attention to the rules and regulations of their local robo battle clubs and have fun! He really pump up the robot battle community — and we’re hard-pressed to argue with such helpful enthusiasm. Meanwhile, the world is still waiting for the epic, giant robo-showdown of the century.

6 thoughts on “What Is This, A Battle-Bot For Ants?

  1. It always amazes me when I see robots this small. FingerTech Robotics is a manufacturer that feeds my hobby (of just watching, for now), an impressive combat robot that uses their gearmotors being Keres, less than 150g of sheer killer power. Maybe it’s outdated right now, but in its time it was using a R410 OrangeRX receiver, smallest on the market.

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