Light A Fire Under Your…Skateboard?

Flamethrower skateboard

Kids, please don’t try this at home. Or at least make sure there’s nothing flammable around.

With that out of the way, we have to ask — who doesn’t love playing with fire? We’re betting that many of you also have enjoyed a little skateboarding at some point in your lives. [mikeasaurus] has married the two beloved activities and made a flame throwing skateboard! The parts count is fairly low, and it looks like everything can be purchased from Amazon if you can’t source all of the items locally.

[mikeasaurus] gives a few useful tips such as how he bent one of the two pipes on the fuel tank cap to prevent fuel from pouring out. Also, he used an adapter to bring down the diameter of the tubes from 1/4″ to 1/8″ which makes for a better performing fuel stream.

Instead of making this little foot cooker more complicated with additional electronics and wires to be operated by a hand-held remote control, [mikeasaurus] decided to build the controls directly into the skateboard with just a couple of foot-activated switches. This keeps his hands free to wave at all of the onlookers watching him speed by. Or better yet, to carry a fire extinguisher.

Admittedly, it appears from the video that the flame doesn’t really get ‘thrown’ too far, and [mikeasaurus] himself says:

“As long as you’re moving forward when the flames are activated, you’re good to go!”

Because of this, you probably don’t want to use your favorite board, as it’s going to be subject to direct flames.

You’ll see this when you watch the video after the break.

It’s time to go find that old skateboard that has been gathering dust…

Did this put you in the mood for some more dangerous flame throwing goodness? Maybe this arm mounted flame thrower, or flame throwing guitar, or a programmable flame thrower will satiate your desire.

30 thoughts on “Light A Fire Under Your…Skateboard?

    1. It looks like he is using an ethanol fuel. I can’t be sure he is but I can say ethanol burns at a very high temperature, burns for a long time and sticks to skin like napalm. You’re guaranteed to get third degree (full dermal) burns if your skin comes into contact with still liquid burning ethanol.

      1. Uhh nope.

        I used to use ethanol to set my hand on fire on purpose because as long as you kept it moving it never really burned too much. I did get some first degree burns from it once but that was because I paused for effect and that slight delay caused the burns. Ethanol certainly does not stick to your skin like napalm. Unless I am magical and immune to normal fire.

  1. It would be wayyy safer and in my opinion look cooler if the pipe was a little longer so that it would spit flames out the back instead of drooling fuel all over the rear wheels.

  2. This is so incredibly stupid… and… yet… it’s so damn cool. Clever BTTF effect.

    This is one of the neatest personal transport effects I’ve seen. Casting safety concerns aside, I like how it looks like the back half of the skateboard is on fire. It’s when you take into account the safety concerns that it turns stupid. Looks slick none the less with a great “hidden” actuator.

    Would love to see someone ollie and land on the trigger buttons.

  3. This reminds me… gotta find a fire extinguisher, my Fire-drill is ready for testing and videoing.
    Limitation: It won’t spit out a swirling tornado of fire from the chuck area (Behind the chuck as the chuck fell out)

  4. safety wise this really isnt that bad, people need a bit of perspective, there is no pressurized fuel tank and fairly small amounts of fuel to begin with, lighting your bbq is just as risky.

    someone mentioned a longer pipe, that would be a good idea and would prevent the only fault i can find with this.

    1. I’m thinking of the trail of burning fuel… I grew up with in fear of prairie fires, so that’s the first thing I think of when I see un-contained flame, even if it is on solid concrete – it just takes an ember. Still with me even now that I live in the tropics.

  5. This is everything you could ever want from HAD, cool, slightly dangerous looking and pointless.
    most of us spend a bit of time
    and cash making sure there are no fuel leaks, (from things that normally have fuel on them) but [mikeasaurus] takes something that doesn’t normally have fuel and spends time and money making it leak.
    Truly the existence of the interweb has been justified.

  6. I bought one of those from ACME hoping it would finally allow me to catch a roadrunner I’ve been after for a while, and although it originally looked promising, I eventually ended up with serious bodily harm. 1 of 5 stars.

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