Australian Raspberry Pi Tutorials

There’s a new and very detailed video tutorial about the Raspberry Pi available from the Australian firm Core Electronics.  There are 30 videos and 5 chapters in total. A few of the introduction videos are short, but the detail videos range from 3 to 16 minutes.

The instructor [Michael] starts out at the very beginning — loading NOOBS on the Pi — and then moves on to Python, shell scripting, and building GUI applications with TkInter. It also covers using Particle Pi for IoT applications that integrate with IFTTT.

We do realize that most people reading Hackaday have probably used a Raspberry Pi at least once or twice. However, we also know that we all get asked to recommend material for beginners, or — in some cases — we are using material to teach classes in schools or hackerspaces.

Core also has similar workshops on video for Arduino and 3D printing. Of course, there are many other tutorials out there, but it is always nice to have choices.

We’ve seen other projects that use TkInter if you want to see something practical. By the way, if you are doing a class and don’t have enough Raspberry Pi’s to go around, you could probably do a lot (but not all of it) on a Linux PC, especially with a PIXEL live CD.

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