Mini Delta Gets A Hot End Upgrade

3D printers are now cheaper than ever and Monoprice is at the absolute forefront of that trend. However, some of their printers struggle with flexible filaments, which is no fun if you’ve discovered you have a taste for the material properties of Ninjaflex and its ilk. Fear not, however — the community once again has a solution, in the form of a hot end adapter for the Monoprice Mini Delta.

The Mini Delta is a fantastic low-cost entry into 3D printing but its hot end has a break in the Bowden between the extruder and nozzle. This can lead to flexible filaments not being properly guided through the hot end and a general failure to print. This adapter allows the fitting of the popular E3D V6 hot end, and is similar to modifications out there for other Monoprice printers.

Overall, 3D printing has long benefited from the efforts of the community to bring both incremental improvements and major leaps forward to the technology. We look forward to seeing more hacks on the Monoprice range!

15 thoughts on “Mini Delta Gets A Hot End Upgrade

  1. Really want to get my hands on one of these printers. But i see that the campaign has come to an end. And even when it was open it seems like they were shipping to the US only.

    Anyone heard anything through the grape vine that might suggest overseas distribution?

    1. Check out the comments on the second link of the article. Basically there is a company that reships the item and you end up paying about 30% extra for the taxes and customs.

    1. Cross boarder trade for small companies is a nuisance for low volume electronics, as only USPS seems economical.
      Trumps political macroeconomic xenophobia is about to hurt around 24000 small US companies running in the USA and in Canada.

      The “duty, taxes, and fees” all couriers charge is often still applied to products that are exempt under the law.
      Sure you could handle the customs paperwork in a week yourselves and save >$30… or you can get your package today.

      I import thousands of orders from companies all over the world… and the damn couriers will not break down the import taxes collected, so even the corporate accountant doesn’t know how badly they actually screw our bottom line for the government.

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  2. Maybe I’m missing it, or not looking at it in the right way, but how does this improve on the feeding of the filament? I can see where this would replace the effector end of the printer so that a E3D hotend would work, but I don’t see how it improves the Bowden feeding mechanism on the other end of the feed tube.

    Granted, the Mini Delta is my first printer, and I’ve only had it since the end of July, it is a nice little gizmo. I have had one of the axis stop moving mid print, and the documentation is definitely improving since I got it, but there’s some work to be done. I’m hoping they get some of the bugs worked out, and improve the firmware here and there.

      1. I thought about that exact problem, so I removed the bottom cover, but I haven’t added additional riser feet, or added a fan. It is definitely something I’m going to try now though.

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