Servo-Controlled Eyeball Makes A Muggle Moody

Even when you bear a passing resemblance to the paranoid Auror of the Harry Potter universe, you still really need that wonky and wandering prosthetic eye to really sell that Mad-Eye Moody cosplay, and this one is pretty impressive.

Of course, there’s more to the [daronjay]’s prosthetic peeper than an eBay doll’s eye. There’s the micro-servo that swivels the orb, as well as a Trinket to send the PWM signal and a pocket full of batteries. The fit and finish really tie it together, though, especially considering that it’s made from, well, garbage — a metal food jar lid, a yogurt cup, and the tube of a roll-on antiperspirant. Some brass screws and a leather strap evoke the necessary Potter-verse look, and coupled with what we assume are prosthetic scars, [daronjay] really brings the character to life. We think it would be cool to have the servo eye somehow slaved to the movements of the real eye, with a little randomness thrown in to make it look good.

Marauder’s maps, wand duels, Weasley clocks — the wizarding world is ripe for creative hacking and prop making. What’s next — a Nimbus 2000 quadcopter? Please?

11 thoughts on “Servo-Controlled Eyeball Makes A Muggle Moody

  1. Wow! great results! when I first read the title, I worried about speed of the eye, but he implemented it in such a way so the eye moves quickly! How have other people made their robotics move quickly and smoothly?

  2. End result looks really cool, though I wonder why he doesn’t have it moving more often? Seems like a good part of the video was him just waiting for the thing to move again.

    If I recall my Potter-lore correctly, his eye is supposed to be constantly darting around and looking for trouble, so it seems a fairly constant twitching around would work fine with the character.

  3. “Really, I should have measured it up to be sure it was exactly centered, but instead, I just eyeballed it.

    Yes I am a dad, why do you ask?”

    Instructable was worth it just for that line.

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