Gesture Keyboard For Universal Input

Keyboards are currently the most universally accepted computer input devices. They may be wired, wireless, or virtual, but the chances are that you’re within a few centimeters of a keyboard right now. [Federico Terzi] built a prototype from an Arduino and an accelerometer which conceptually resembles writing in Palm’s old Graffiti, though this version is performed in mid-air with a handheld instead of a little square at the bottom of an LCD screen.  He can also operate wirelessly with a Bluetooth module and battery.

The task of the Arduino is to take data from the accelerometer and feed it to the computer whenever a 12mm switch is pressed. Each letter is individually learned by his Python code and scikit-learn’s Support Vector Machine. There’s nothing holding a user back from giving single-letter commands to your favorite programs. For example, it would be possible to give a thumbs-up in meatspace when you want to upvote or covering your ears could mute the audio.

We love keyboard hacks like this mechanical macro keyboard, a minimal and elegant USB Morse key(board), and Brian Benchoff’s open love-letter to mechanical keyboards.

Thank you, [Juan Pablo] for the tip.

14 thoughts on “Gesture Keyboard For Universal Input

  1. i guess I could program my air mouse n keyboard that Im using now to type this in.
    nice idea. I will have to look at the code to see how hard it is to add to my computers.
    Nice work.

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