Internet Of Things Opens Possibilities

While a lot of hardware gets put on the “Internet of Things” with only marginal or questionable benefits (or with hilariously poor security), every now and then a project makes use of this new platform in a way that illustrates the strengths of IoT. [ThingEngineer] turned to this platform as a cost-effective solution for an automatic gate, since new keyfobs were too expensive and a keypad was not an option.

Using an Electric IMP, [ThingEngineer] began by installing his IoT patch into the LiftMaster gate control box. This particular gate has easily accessible points that the controller can access to determine the gate’s status, so from there, an API was written to do the heavy lifting. A web server was deployed as well, so anyone with access can use a smartphone or other device to open the gate.

For anyone else looking to deploy a similar IoT solution, [ThingEngineer] has put all of the project code, schematics, and a thorough write-up about the project on his GitHub page. There are many useful ways to get on board the Internet of Things, though; so many that it’s been possible to win a substantial prize for using it in a creative way.

7 thoughts on “Internet Of Things Opens Possibilities

  1. Actually looks quite satisfactory.

    Security applications will forever have flaws and yadda yadda are subject to being picked apart in virtually every aspect, this will NEVER change. Example is that fences don’t keep people out, they just define the boundary beyond which one would be arrested. It’s easy to talk down any security setup. My recollection of the best security system ever designed is one that is ancient, a gaggle of geese. Y’all can find the holes and he can plug ’em…. but that circle won’t end…

    We’re never going to design something perfect to keep people out, can only be designed to let select people in and this did it well.

  2. The term “automatic gate” infers that the gate would open automatically for designated users when the vehicle approaches.
    Having to stop, get the phone out, unlock it, start the app, connect to the server and give the open gate command, is very similar to the hassle of getting out of the car and opening the gate in the old fashioned way. Beside that, I laughed ween the big padlock on the pedestrian gate next to it, when someone slim (and shady) could easily squeeze through the gap in the main gate.
    The two improvements I suggest are: 1. have an IOT remove in the car which removes the need to use the phone. A pair of ESP8266 could do the trick, and would be dirt cheap.
    2. Ensure that the gate can close completely, hence removing the gap (no solution is perfect; if someone wants to enter, they will enter regardless).

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