Fire. Vortex. Cannon. Need We Say More?

Tornadoes are a rightfully feared natural disaster. Fire tornadoes are an especially odious event to contend with — on top of whatever else is burning. But, a fire vortex cannon? That’s some awesome eye candy.

The madman behind this cannon belching huge gouts of fire is none other than Youtuber [JAIRUS OF ALL]. This build is actually an upgrade to one of his previous projects — a fire tornado gun that burned itself out and is now twice-revived — and is arguably better at creating a proper vortex to direct the flames. Built around a modified NERF gun, a pair of 60mm electric ducted fans with some additional venting — and tunable via a speed controller — direct the airflow through slits in a vortex chamber. A backpack of liquid propane literally fuels this phoenix of a flamethrower, so [JAIRUS] had plenty of time to put together some great footage. Check it out!

As you may expect, to form a proper vortex [JAIRUS] has to point the cannon more or less straight up, but you can still see the flames spiraling outwards when he’s firing it horizontally. Despite how wicked-cool it is, the fire vortex cannon is a hulking weapon to wield, so for fast-paced firefights you might want to rely on the art of firebending.

[Thanks for the tip, Itay!]

8 thoughts on “Fire. Vortex. Cannon. Need We Say More?

  1. Awesome!!!!! He could even wear a 20 lb propane tank in a backpack for more fuel for extra firepower…literally. Can you imagine some poor bastard breaking into that fellow’s home at night? What a surprise he would get. I could see the Police bulletin now: “The Police are on the lookout for a man with wide open eyes, no eyebrows or facial hair, and pooped pants.”

    I want one of these.

  2. So this is really awesome and I like the style of the video.
    But … and this is sadly a killer for me: I can’t see a darn thing. All i see is a bright glowing blob of fire due to night time filming.
    I get it – not everyone has crazy expensive gear to film stuff. But sadly, the camera tries to compensate for the lack of light and blows out everything else. Wished for a bit more to see.
    But nevertheless great video and nice explanations.

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