Be The Firebender You Want To See In The World

Always wanted to be a citizen of Fire Nation? Here’s one way to ace the citizenship exam: punch-activated flaming kung fu gauntlets of doom.

As with all the many, many, many flamethrower projects we’ve featured before, we’ve got to say this is just as bad an idea as they are and that you should not build any of them. That said, [Sufficiently Advanced]’s wrist-mounted, dual-wielding flamethrowers are pretty cool. Fueled by butane and containing enough of the right parts for even a minimally talented prosecutor to make federal bomb-making charges stick, the gauntlets each have an Arduino and accelerometer to analyze your punches. Wimpy punch, no flame — only awesome kung fu moves are rewarded with a puff of butane ignited by an arc lighter. The video below shows a few close calls that should scare off the hairy-knuckled among us; adding a simple metal heat shield might help mitigate potential singeing.

Firebending gloves not enough to satisfy your inner pyromaniac? We understand completely.

Thanks to [Nils Hitze] for the hot tip. Yep.

24 thoughts on “Be The Firebender You Want To See In The World

    1. It may be a clever safety feature if you have to simultaneously hold a button and punch hard. Also the whole point is the punch measuring feature. It could be done witu no arduino, but why do that when you have one lying around?

      1. Jeans are best of both worlds, the flame direct to skin will be more painful than just patting out a flame as the jeans resist flame for a while…

        Unless like an old biker I know…
        You have oily jeans whilst riding a bike who’s engine naturally backfires through the carb intakes and sets them on fire… LOL

  1. Weapon hacks are always cool…


    People already moaning about an arduino being involved…. For every complaint as such, the maker using an arduino should just for the sake of the HaD audience, get a core i7 gaming board, a 12V to 5v+3v3 (Source-able from blown corsair PSUs for example) and power it and the contraption with a +/-12V Li-ION battery pack in a back pack.

    Said video should be called:

    “Core i7 controlled Ninja-flamethrower for the arduino haters.”

  2. That reminds me: I know rubbing alchohol has enough water in it to consume a lot of the heat and make it pretty safe. Is there any way to do that with a gas? Or is it impossible because you don’t have any more phase transitions to dump heat into once you’re already using gas.

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