Portable Photo Booth Named Buzz

We’re all used to posing for a picture — or a selfie — but there’s something about photo booths that make getting your photo taken an exciting and urgent affair. To make this experience a bit easier to tote about, Redditor [pedro_g_s] has laboriously built, from the ground up, a mobile photo booth named Buzz.

He needed a touchscreen, a Raspberry Pi, almost definitely a webcam, and a 3D printer to make a case — although any medium you choose will do — to build this ‘booth.’ That said, he’s built the app in a way that a touchscreen isn’t necessary, but carting around a mouse to connect to and operate your portable photo booth seems a bit beside the point. On the back end, he used Electron to code the photo booth app, React helped him build a touchscreen UI, and Yarn kept the necessary dependencies in order.

Operation is simple, and every time a photo is taken it is sent to and collated within a previously set-up email service. To set it up, [pedro_g_s] is here to guide you through the process.

As a full disclaimer, he has said his code might need some work so consider yourself forewarned, but he has written-up a detailed walkthrough to get a similar photo-booth running for yourself! A further note for would-be builders, this project does require a Firebase account and an associated project to function, but he has provided steps and links on how to accomplish that as well. There isn’t any mention of power supply, so we expect that  is left to the individual to take care of — but we expect Hackaday readers to be more than capable of tackling that problem.

We are still left to wonder why photo booths are so awesome that employees and wedding guests alike will take a few seconds to smile for the camera.

[Via /r/raspberryDIY]

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