This TARDIS Is Bigger On The Inside

A few months ago, YouTube user [Maladroit Modeller] uploaded a video of his model TARDIS from Doctor Who which shows an inside that’s bigger than the outside. Recently, [Maladroit Modeller] posted some pictures and has now uploaded a video showing how it’s done.

The TARDIS model itself is a 3:75 scale “Spin & Fly” model. The case to show everything off is built from foam core and the interior is built from foam core, silver paper, cardboard, styrene and other bits and pieces. There looks like there’s some EL wire being used, too, along with a lot of LEDs.

The build looks great and the illusion works very nicely in the video. Check out the video after the break, and then check out the “how it’s done” video for an explanation.

It’s a very neat effect and what looks like a very meticulous build. There are other Doctor Who hacks on the site, so be sure to take a look at this TARDIS build uses AR to make it bigger on the inside, and this one has a jukebox on the inside!

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  1. What a nice build, looks awesome!
    The special effect/trick seems to be working like a charm, did not expect a mirror. I liked how the top of the phone booth was cut in order to make room for the mirrors. Really cool project.

  2. If you ever get to go to the Jungle Jim’s market in Fairfield, OH(near Cincinnati), they have a portapotty that uses this type of thing for their bathrooms. Good stuff you’ve got there though.

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