Make Your Lego Fly

We probably all used to make our Lego fly by throwing it across the room, but Flite Test have come up with a slightly more elegant solution: they converted a Lego quadcopter to fly. They did it by adding a  miniature flight controller, battery and motors/rotors to replace the Lego ones in the Lego City Arctic Air Transport kit. This combination flies surprisingly well, thanks to a thoughtful design that balances the heavier components inside the case.

Lego purists may be horrified to hear that the conversion does use a small amount of glue: the builder didn’t think that the standard Lego bricks sticking together would be enough to hold the motors in place, and that’s a fair point: the arms of a quadcopter are the part that undergoes the most stress in flight. But glue aside, it is a remarkably faithful conversion: it still looks like a Lego model, but flies like a quadcopter.

We’ve featured a few Lego hacks over the years, including a Lego tank controlled by an ESP32, and Lego keyboards. You can also read about the history of Lego here.

8 thoughts on “Make Your Lego Fly

  1. ive used technics (mostly old skool pre studless parts) for many a ground chassis. parts from the 8888 supercar have made many a driving robot possible. but ive never really considered them viable as a flight platform. i hope they make other lego models fly as well.

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