3D Print Your Own Electric Screwdriver

For the odd job every now and then, a regular screwdriver does the job. However, in situations like a small production operation, it can quickly become uncomfortable to use. In these situations, an electric screwdriver is incredibly useful. There’s no need to rush out to the store, however – you can build one yourself, and [Electronoobs] did just that.

The build is simple, consisting of a series of cheap modules hooked up together. An 18650 battery provides power through a boost converter to an H-bridge motor controller, which allows the DC geared motor to be driven both forwards and backwards. There’s also a USB battery charge module, that allows the screwdriver to be recharged from a standard micro USB charger. It’s all neatly packaged in a 3D printed case with a couple of tactile buttons for forward and reverse operation.

It’s a testament to the quality of modern supply chains that one can assemble a usable tool like this at home from prepackaged modules. All the parts, including the bearing and drill chuck, were sourced from eBay.

We’ve seen servos repurposed into electric screwdrivers, too. Video after the break.


11 thoughts on “3D Print Your Own Electric Screwdriver

  1. I was wondering how big it is. Banana shown for scale. Horror fright has a similar tool for cheap, crap electronics for sure. It is pistol shaped. I wired one’s motor end for a door bolt motorized lock. If you are really into production wire it up to power and a foot pedal control of speed and direction.

      1. I doubt it, the motor draws max 200mA @ 12V (according to the video at 3:50), which is next to nothing. A simple DPDT switch with 3 positions can replace the two buttons easily and accomodates for all required moevents: CCW-OFF-CW.

  2. A great “because you can” project, learning about motor control, battery management, etc.
    But totatlly nuts not to just buy one if that’s the only reason.

    I dont even own an electric screwdriver, just lots of good manual ones. I dont like stripping screw heads.

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