Cocktail Barbot Takes Things Up A Level

Mixing a cocktail is considered as much an art as a science. The practice is studied dilligently by bartenders the world over. Of course, for any given human task, there’s always another human building a robot to automate it. [CamdenS5] is one such human, with a cocktail mixing barbot with a few tricks up its sleeve.

As you’d expect, there’s a smattering of the usual alcoholic liquids and mixers, along with a battery of pumps for fluid delivery. The fun doesn’t end there, though. There’s a linear actuator capable of putting out 500 N for slicing limes, and a mint and sugar dispenser as well. If that wasn’t enough, there’s even a muddling station to help bring out the flavours just right.

This is a machine that takes a broader look at the process behind making a good cocktail. It’s not just about lumping ingredients into a glass – it takes finesse and care to get the best results. It’s not the first barbot we’ve seen – this one is built in a grandfather clock.

7 thoughts on “Cocktail Barbot Takes Things Up A Level

  1. The immediate response from my coworker shoulder surfing this article: “Does it come with a shuffle mode?”
    -oh the possibilities for hilarious results :D

    Maybe we need an affectionate Hackaday version of the Ignoble Award for projects with an element of wrong? A contest?


      1. Well if you have ever printed with not food safe filament you have to replace the tubing as well. Also the brass nozzles may contain lead. Not sure I would print anything will touch food/drinks. Alcohol is a pretty good solvent.

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