A Grandfather Clock BarBot

As the saying goes, it’s five o’clock somewhere; when the clock finally strikes the hour, that same clock can pour you a drink thanks to redditor [Diggedypomme].

This bar-clock can dispense beverages with up to four different spirits and four mixers, and takes orders over voice, keyboard, or web-controls. A belt-driven drink loading platform pushes out through a spring-loaded door and once the vessel is in place and the order received, peristaltic pumps dispense the spirits while servos open taps for the mixers — a far easier method to administer the often carbonated liquids. A Raspberry Pi acts as this old-timer’s brain, an Arduino controls the lights, and a HAT to controls the servos. Here’s a more in-depth tour of what’s going on behind the bar, but check out the video after the break for a full run through of a few drink orders!

In a future version, [Diggedypomme] wants music to play and the lights to flash different patterns depending on the drink being poured, as well as the option to serve multiple drinks in sequence. Some splashing when pouring the drinks might also be remedied by adjusting the height of the tap or a fitting a nozzle.

As cool as this old-timer beverage bot is, barbots aren’t limited to alcohol — tea is a viable option. However, if you prefer your drink dispensers a little more stripped-down, you might be surprised what two motors can accomplish.


10 thoughts on “A Grandfather Clock BarBot

  1. heres the thing ive always wondered about bar-bots, what is the average maintenance and cleaning schedule. How often do the designers think about the cleaning procedure when building them and what is the way to make them that is the easiest to clean.

    1. “can Barbot make me a drink?”
      -‘do you want to clean it after?’
      ….”I’ll pour my own….”

      A conversation with my girlfriend the other day. It’s great for parties, and it can do the spirits on demand, but filling the jugs with sticky mixer and then not bothering to clean it is a recipe for disaster. And milk for white russians…

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