Moped Turn Signals, Now With More Cowbell

Cue up the [Christopher Walken] memes, it’s time for moped turn signals with more cowbell. Because moped turn signals with less cowbell are clearly the inferior among moped turn signals.

It seems that [Joel Creates] suffers from the same rhythm recognition disorder that we do. The slightest similarity between a rhythmic sound such as turn signals, and any song in our seemingly infinite intracranial playlist cues up that song for the rest of the day. [Joel] heard “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” in his turn signals, and that naturally led to a need for More Cowbell. So with a car door lock actuator, a relay, an improvised clapper, and a lot of hot glue and cable ties, the front of his scooter is now adorned with a cowbell that’s synchronized to the turn signals. The video below shows that it’s of somewhat limited appeal in traffic, but at least [Joel’s dad] was tickled pink by it.

Kudos to [Joel] for marching to the beat of his own [Gene Frenkle] on this one. It may be a little weird, but not as weird as an Internet of Cowbells.

[Daniel] spotted this one for us. Thanks!

14 thoughts on “Moped Turn Signals, Now With More Cowbell

  1. For the term “rhythm recognition disorder” I’ve always called that the “lawnmower man” effect…

    That is, in the film Lawnmower Man, the guy whom “became super intelligent by the computer” would flick through radio stations listening to the first few seconds of a song and already knows the rest…

    I’ve had that effect for quite a few tracks of quite a few genres where I can literally listen to whole tracks in my own mind by just thinking of the track name (Usually 90’s breakbeat-rave music, some reggae, a handful of rap tunes, some metal/rock tunes and so on… some songs I know the beat/layout but hardly any of the lyrics… yet I’d still randomly manage to “hear” the tune in my mind, usually excluding half the lyrics.)

  2. That’d be illegal in EU because you modified vehicle in a way that increases chance of hurting a pedestrian in case of an accident. If someone got hurt (even if it’s not your fault) insurance will refuse payment, enjoy your multi-thousands euros medical bills.

    Also, “great” soldering.

  3. It needs a slightly different activation, such that the striker retracts from the bell immediately after hitting it. This would give a bit more of a ringing sound rather than just a thud.

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