Hyperlinking Comes To GitHub Via Extension

If you are browsing GitHub it is very tempting to open up the source code to some project and peek at how it works. The code view is easy to read, but the viewer lacks one important feature: the ability to click on an included file and find it. The Octolinker extension fixes that oversight.

If you want to try it without installing the extension, there is a mock-up demo available. Even though the demo wants you to click on specific things, if you don’t play by the rules it will still do the right thing and take you to either the code on GitHub or an appropriate page. You can even substitute the demo URL for github.com and try it out on any GitHub page without the extension.

The tool supports at least 20 languages although we were bemused to see that C and C++ were not among them. The developer claims that none of your source code is ever sent out of your browser by the extension. If you use Octolinker on a private repository, you also have to supply a GitHub API token and that’s never sent out of your browser, either, according to the web site.

The code (on GitHub, of course) has a plug in architecture, so it ought to be easy to add the language of your choice. If you crave pop up tool tips for source code in GitHub, check out OctoHint.

GitHub seems to have survived being bought by Microsoft without becoming tarnished. If you want to keep an eye on your GitHub properties, there’s always this project.

8 thoughts on “Hyperlinking Comes To GitHub Via Extension

    1. Friends understand the words “backup”, “distributed” and “open-source”, especially the later since that’s what’s mostly there. “Oh no! Someone *stole* my open-source code.”

  1. Lost your bet. In both accounts. Still I don’t trust Microsoft in the least. Their business model is based on making people dependent, and I dislike its outcome.

    My grandparens died of old age.

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