Build Yourself A Set Of Glowing Wings

Humans didn’t come with wings from the factory, and most efforts to fit them after the fact have been at least as far as flight is concerned, largely fruitless. That doesn’t mean you can’t cut a devastatingly sharp aesthetic though, and [Natalina’s] fiber optic wings are a great way to do just that. 

The wings are a leathercraft project, consisting of a harness worn around the torso. This serves as the mounting point for the fiber optics, as well as the RGB Critter flashlight used to drive the lightshow. Leather parts are lasercut to the right shape, making it easy to create the delicate feather shapes in the design. The pieces are then dyed appropriately and sewn together into the final shape. Bundles of optical fibers are then wound through the harness, sprouting from either shoulder of the wearer. EVA foam is used to help create the right shape for the wings, allowing the different layers to remain separated to create more visual depth.

It’s a build that looks absolutely striking at night, and unlike some other wing-based cosplays, doesn’t have as many drawbacks as far as crowds and transportation. It would make a killer look if you’re going as a Hacker Angel for Halloween this.

Makers certainly know how to craft some cutting-edge wearables. Got your own sweet build? Throw it at the tips line!

12 thoughts on “Build Yourself A Set Of Glowing Wings

    1. The word “strings” would perhaps be more appropriate than “wings”
      Very creative and very cool on photos take with a relatively long exposure time, as the “lightpainting” causes a very nice effect. I really wonder how it looks in real life.

      Scary photo, llok slike it was made high up on that rooftop, what if she slipped… I doubt the “wings” would safe her or break her fall.

  1. I skipped over this the first few times I saw it, and decided to take a peek today. Man, you put a lot of work into this. And got great results.

    One Q though, last time I did more than cut rough shapes on leather in my laser cutter, the leather would shrink quite a bit. Did you experience any of that? Sadly I have little idea what kind of leather I have. I keep an eye out on CL for people getting rid of leather couches and when I find one with big pieces in good shape I score them and render them into a pile pile of leather for making stuff out of. As an aside, if you do this do NOT tell the previous owners what you intend to do with the piece they are about to give you. Some of them want stuff gone but take great offence to non traditional uses on your end.

  2. Spent so much time making feathers out of leather but can barely notice the craftwork that is the real beauty. Fiber optics need more feathered/layer effect. Crest and shoulders mostly. Holiday Glow Skirt missing from ensemble. Maybe MCU control , Ws2812, and losing the alkaline batter*z, coming?

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