Rock Out While You Knock Out Germs

We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty tired of singing two rounds of “Happy Birthday” or counting Mississippi to 20 each time we wash our hands. It’s difficult to do it without thinking about the reason why, and that’s not good for positivity. If you’d rather have your spirits lifted every time you hit the sink, you need a better soundtrack.

[Deeplocal] made a soap dispenser that gathers one of your top 20 tunes from Spotify and plays it for 20 seconds while you lather. The best part is that the songs don’t start at 0:00 — the code is written to use the preview clip of each one, so you get the algorithmically-determined best part.

Scrubber is a pretty simple build that uses a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a speaker bonnet powered by a LiPo, but we dig it just the same. The switch is adaptable to pretty much any soap dispenser — just stick two pieces of copper tape where they’ll make contact when the pump is pushed down, and solder wires to them. Check out the demo after the break.

We’ve often wondered how much more water we’re using with all the increased hand-washing out there. Adjusting to this apocalypse is arduous for all of us, but the environment is still a concern, so try to remember to turn the water off while you’re not using it. Is anyone out there working on an easy way to adapt home faucets to add motion or foot control? Because that would be awesome right about now.

The nice thing about Scrubber is that you can focus on washing your hands and doing so properly. If you’d rather watch a digital hourglass to pass the time, light up your lockdown lavatory lifestyle with LEDs.

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11 thoughts on “Rock Out While You Knock Out Germs

    1. Hey when computer power is so cheap and available people don’t bother to consider how much computer power they’re using for the task, they just throw a convenient piece in the project. This is why Talkie Toaster will be a real thing in the future.

  1. Need another Raspberry Pi Zero W controlling the water tap so there is no need to TOUCH the handle … otherwise contamination makes washing hands superfluous (but certainly entertaining!).

  2. Not only are we worried about the plague, but now also worried about “saving” water, while using more computer horsepower than all of nasa had during the applo missions, to play a 20 second mp3 cause your brilliant mind hasnt wrapped around the concept of an internal clock

    1. I don’t want to have to count to twenty when I’m washing my hands. I want to continue thinking about the thing I was thinking about on the can. Working from home full time has made focusing difficult enough, so I’ll take interruption mitigation where I can get it thank you very much.

  3. …and remember the two most important songs for cardiac massage: “Stayin’ alive” and “Another one bites the dust”. “Smooth criminal”, if you really want to, but it’s too obvious. Maker style means reinventing all wheels at once.

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