Electric Window Motor Becomes Mini Chainsaw

This mini handheld chainsaw by [Make it Extreme] is based around an electric motor from a car door, the same ones used to raise and lower car windows. They are common salvage parts, and with the right modifications and a few spare chainsaw bits attached, it turns out that the motor is more than capable of enough zip to cut through a variety of wood. Add a cordless tool battery pack, and the portable mini handheld chainsaw is born.

What’s really remarkable about the build video (embedded below, after the break) is not simply that it shows the build process and somehow manages to make it all look easy. No, what’s truly remarkable is that in the video it is always clear what is happening, and all without a single word being spoken. There’s no narration, no watching someone talk, just a solid build and demonstration. The principle of “show, don’t tell” is definitely taken to heart, here.

So, how well does it work as a chainsaw? It seems to work quite well! [Make it Extreme] does feel that a chain with smaller teeth and a higher motor speed would probably be an improvement, but the unit as built certainly can cut. You can judge for yourself by watching the build video, embedded below.

Are mini chainsaws your thing? Of course they are, so get ready to see the cutest little chainsaw you ever did see get upgraded with a powerful RC motor.

13 thoughts on “Electric Window Motor Becomes Mini Chainsaw

  1. I’ve used angle grinders since my youth and fail to understand how people can use them without the protective hood. in this case not even the handle ! made the build video unwatchable for me

    1. Sadly many impatient or “eh, good enough” types think the guard is only in the way.
      Been working in a few shops, and I always refused to use a angle grinder or be near one that’s being used without it.
      And hoo boy do those people get pissy when you’re concerned about your own safety.

    2. Chains don’t shatter like a grinding wheel. There’s no protective hood on a chainsaw. There generally is a kickback preventer to keep you from getting hit in the head. But, this saw is such a slow speed and so small it may not be necessary or useful. I have pole saws. Basically an 8 inch chainsaw on a stick. OSHA compliant. Those do not have any protection at all. Chainsaws are inherently dangerous. You have to be careful. No handle? Yeah, that’s dumb. Needs a proper handle.

    3. so true. When I started to use it, or even those dremel to chop off some metal, it didn’t take 20sec to get hit in the eye with a *hopefully* tiny particle.

      use face-shield, glass protection or whatever which could protect your precious.

  2. OMG….. it’s a cool saw for specific purposes !
    Angle drinkers need guards.
    There are some who also probably needed the net around a trampoline at home as well type .

  3. DOOM Guy: “I’m proud of ya, kid. Here, I got something for ya!”
    Isabelle: “Thanks! Rip and tear, until it is done.”

    My mind went straight to adorable carnage! :)

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