14 thoughts on “Gaming With 1 Horsepower Of Rumble Feedback

    1. This use reminds me that there is also a huge market for somewhat similar actual products that also have motors and are very much sold to the 18 and up community. Most are probably not quite 1 HP though. Most commercial products in that market are generally about 0.04 HP.

      Could also use a soft motor starter (though would not have quite the speed here) or even better, a serial over VFD as well then just still use your Arduino or other microcontroller to send it whatever you wanted.

  1. Why stop at a measly 1HP? Strap on a 200 HP motor out of electric car. Playing construction sim would be so realistic you might get police investigating “bulldozer running inside a house” complaint

  2. I built a shaker like that many years ago. It was a dangerous thing, but fun. Make sure you are never in line with the eccentric weight and don’t expect the bearings in the motor to last a long time.

  3. Rapid on/off would be possible if he motorized the offset weight and let the main engine run continuously. No spin-up or spin-down – just the center of gravity moving off of or onto the axle.

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