A Useful Macro Pad For Microsoft Teams

Working from home has now become de rigeur for many more people around the globe. With it, has sprung up a desire for better controls for streaming and conferencing software. There are plenty of streamdecks on the market, of course, but this isn’t BuyADay, it’s HackADay. Thus, you’ll want to check out this great build for Microsoft Teams by [Build Comics].

The build consists of a series of Cherry MX Silent Red key switches in a 3D printed housing, dedicated to muting audio, switching video, and making and hanging up on calls. Naturally, they’re marked with their individual functions and lit with RGB LEDs for obvious feedback. The keys are read by a Raspberry Pi Pico, which handles USB communication with the PC. AutoHotKey is then pressed into service to make the final link to the Microsoft Teams software. [Build Comics] also worked on a 3D-printed busylight that indicates when they’re on a call; however, thus far it isn’t quite working properly. Jump into the conversation on Github or comment below if you’ve got insight on the problem.

It’s a build that likely saves a lot of hassle when you’re on several calls a day. The mute button is a sure-fire jobsaver on some occasions, and it’s better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. We’ve featured work from [Build Comics] before, too – like this excellent vintage meter restoration. Video after the break.

15 thoughts on “A Useful Macro Pad For Microsoft Teams

    1. Just use the more cheeper and easy to config Makroboard from Elgato , it calls Elgato Stream Deck mini, and cost 99 USD, there is also a cheeper Mobile Version, for try out . These have including oled display in the button what you can choose how it looks like. And you can use the button also for other software and needs. Look official page: https://www.elgato.com/en/stream-deck-mini

      I was before also self madr, but it end that this tool is much better and easyer to config for exagtly this needs. If you just want a working sullution and not DIY your own, then this is what you need.

  1. I made a similar prototype, but instead of Pi Pico used a clone of Digispark with VUSB. The box was unpublished, decided to use my Bluetooth headphones to control Teams using Autohotkey (that code is published on GitHub).
    Had the same problem of getting keyboard led status in AHK, but there was no problem getting it on Digispark.

  2. I made a single button with an arduino Pro Micro that sends the mute hotkey to the pc, but Teams has to be in focus. I didn’t think of hooking it up to AutoHotkey so I’ll try that, thanks.

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