Even With AC, Hazmat Suit Isn’t Really Cool

We’ll admit that the coolness factor of an air conditioned faux spacesuit made out of a hazmat suit will largely depend on where you wear it. At your next chess club meeting, maybe a hit. On a blind date, probably not. [Saveitforparts] apparently doesn’t mind and the combination of very warm weather and the donation of an expired hazmat suit, spurred his imagination as you can see in the video below.

A battery pack, a blower, and a box full of frozen water bottles completes the ensemble. Wireless temperature sensors show the outside temperature as well as temperature inside different parts of the suit. Does it work? We guess it must, but the roar of the fan is deafening and we have doubts about the frozen water cooling system. On the other hand, if you’re shooting a low budget science fiction thriller, this might be just the thing.

Even [Saveitforparts] admits this isn’t really practical and, as we suspected, he decided to get out of it as the condensing water started to run down his legs. Turns out astronauts and tank drivers use an undergarment made with small tubes of flowing water to stay cool.

This project reminded us of the positive pressure suit we saw a bit ago. Not to mention the one that went full body.

30 thoughts on “Even With AC, Hazmat Suit Isn’t Really Cool

  1. Unusually for me I’d like to see a whole series of crap youtube videos… [Saveitforparts] goes to the supermarket, [Saveitforparts] goes to church, [Saveitforparts] goes to the funfair, [Saveitforparts] goes to the airport…

  2. “On a blind date, probably not. ”

    I don’t know. Today sure. But if the planet keeps warming like it has it might not be that much longer before having a second cool-suite to share makes one quite the catch.

    Summers are getting pretty hot!
    For areas experiencing increased polar vortex it might be good to have a suite that can run in reverse too.

    1. Yes, it is a standard way to supply cold air to a suit used in the heat. Just needs a compressed air source and a vortex tube. They take a lot of air. On eBay one can search using strings from a Chinese to English rather poor translator. Like Cold air gun dispenser needle cooler vortex tube pneumatic cold air tube scroll.

  3. Would a garden sprinkler hat and a pair of shorts be a better option?

    Thouh after a number of particularly sweatty festivals, the idea of a t-shirt with inbuilt fan might have crossed my mind, which is not too far away from this wonderful monstrosity. Usually solved the problem with excess beer.

  4. It’s an interesting idea, but as mentioned there are MUCH better ways of doing this; there are commercial iterations of the astronaut cooling suit (Look up FAST Cooling suit) vests that have gel packs in them that you freeze to ‘charge’ them up, etc. Oddly enough, one of the companies making the latter got it’s start from encountering heating issues whilst in a mascot costume (aka a fursuit).

  5. Seems like his reefer is lacking in tonnage. I wonder if he could even move around under the weight of sufficient ice. Fwiw, my home ac is rated equal to 3 tonns of ice.

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