Triple Monitor Luggable PC Is An All In One Powerhouse

[Matt] from [DIY Perks] has made a name for himself building nice custom computing machines, and his latest triple-monitor luggable PC (video after the break) is sure to give most high-performance desktop machines a run for their money.

The large central monitor folding laptop monitors mounted vertically on either size look impressive, but only just scratches the surface of this build. Hidden behind aluminum panels are Ryzen 5950X CPU and RTX 3080 GPU with water cooling, 64 GB of RAM, and two 8 TB SSDs. A set of high-quality speaker drivers, subwoofer, and audio amps is also included. All this hardware pulls about 600 W of power from a large DC-DC converter block, which in turn receives power from either a pair of onboard AC-DC converters or a 16 V – 63 V DC source, like a battery system.

To mount everything to the back of the main monitor, [Matt] created 3D printed adaptor blocks with threaded inserts which slide under existing hooks on the back of the monitor. Aluminum angles screw to these blocks to cover the edges of the display panel, together with a large mounting plate with pre-drilled holes to mount all the components on standoffs. A set of adjustable and removable legs mount to the side of the PC. A hinged door in the back cover allows storage space for a keyboard and mouse during transport. When folded, the laptop monitors don’t fully cover the main monitor, so [Matt] created a leather cover that doubles as a cable and accessory organizer.

Whether its dual screens and an integrated SDR, or a rotating-folding screen, there is no shortage of ways to build a portable powerhouse.

11 thoughts on “Triple Monitor Luggable PC Is An All In One Powerhouse

    1. LAN party were a necessity to play networked games in an era where broadband was not widespread and being on a fast LAN was rewarding enough that one can bare the stench of the feet of your greasy average gamer neighbor, and the awful coffee.

        1. Porn, video games, soft drugs and you become BEAT junkie? Those must have been really phat beats.

          About the project – it is great! I once had to deal with some mix of PC and monitor. It came with trolley and was worst mobile computing experience ever. This would be so much cooler! And more mobile I guess.

      1. To me it was a saturday night in a college dorm room, snacks and drinks from the local convenience store, a router and my best friends. The stench of feet was optional extra of course lol.

  1. Any knucklehead (like me) could plug those components together. The artistry is in the incredible craftsmanship and details of the case. I am in awe of it. I wish he’d tell us how many hours went into it.

  2. I want one. I really wish economics of scale didn’t mean the difference in price between desktop/laptop vs most other computer configurations is so distorted.

    A powerful desktop that you can move around without faffing with more than 2 or 3 cables, and with decent screen. Sure, laptops are fine. But.


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