Golf Club Shooter Is Your Ballistic Friend On The Green

Golf is a sport that has always enjoyed a good gadget or eight. Whether it’s something to measure the wind, or the latest putter guaranteed to save your game, golf enthusiasts have always flocked to such toys. [Nick O’Hara] has something that might just be a little too exciting for the golf set, though, in the form of his golf club launcher.

The golf club launcher essentially takes the role of a normal golf bag, with a rotating magazine containing all the necessary clubs for a day out on the green. The magazine is rotated into position on request, and the required club is launched out towards the player thanks to a pneumatic cylinder fired at 120 psi. A compressor in the base keeps the system charged with air for repeated launches.

The launcher even has a voice assistant built in. Telling the caddy the distance to the hole, and variables like wind and elevation, allows the device to select the right club for the conditions before blasting it towards the player.

It’s a device that easily puts a smile on the face every time it launches a club. We’ve seen some other great golf hacks before, too. Video after the break.

[Thanks to Itay for the tip!]

17 thoughts on “Golf Club Shooter Is Your Ballistic Friend On The Green

    1. Yes, killng golfers carelessly would be bad, we must not rob the lightning gods of their 12 yearly sacrifices from the golf courses, or they will come for us in our homes.

  1. I’m sure the PGA will not allow this!
    Unless they take some Formula 1 action like restricting air volume or tire size.
    The Caddy Union will require that each machine will be accompanied by a member of the Union throughout the time it is on the golf course!

  2. I was hoping it would throw the club about 75 feet or at least i to the nearest lake or woods. That’s about as far as I’ve launched one after shouting loud obscenities. For my game, at least, relieving me this chore, performed often, would be more helpful.

    1. I *thought* that’s what it did, at first. My college roommate golfed, and I played some par-3 with him a couple times. The game really should be named “Ah S**t!” as that’s the phrase most commonly heard on the course. He never threw any clubs but that was probably because there were no really bad drives. Said he had to buy a new club about once a month, as one would somehow get launched into the woods or bent around a small tree.

      I just thought that all golfers threw clubs occasionally, and this was a new device to remove that small burden from the game. ;-)

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