Retro Speaker Becomes The Perfect Micro PC

We’ve seen many cyberdecks and home built computers in our time here at Hackaday, but we’ve not seen many so tiny and so neatly built as this one from [Carter Hurd]. It takes the form of a tiny retro PC with a working display and keyboard, and we like it a lot.

The diminutive computer started life as a neat little retro themed Bluetooth speaker that a company bravely sent him for a project when he declined the chance to review it. Out came the speaker and electronics, and in went a USB Blackberry keyboard with a custom made bezel where the speaker’s keys had been.

The display is a 4″ LCD designed for a Raspberry Pi, and somewhat incredibly, he trimmed its corners to fit into the case. Making the curved CRT-style display front was achieved with vacuum form plastic, and a new display bezel was 3D printed.

A full-size Raspberry Pi fits in the base of the unit, and here he admits that it’s not the tidiest job. Perhaps a Pi Zero would have been more unobtrusive, but either way from the top and front it’s a really cute little machine. It may not be the only tiny cyberdeck we’ve seen, but it’s certainly a well-built one.

6 thoughts on “Retro Speaker Becomes The Perfect Micro PC

  1. Not my cup of tea. He basically replaced the whole thing. Inside and out. I would much rather want to see a build to rewrite the software to do something cool. It has individually addressable pixel display and multiple buttons. It can do a lot of cool things without breaking its original design.

    1. Neither mine. Never understood that hype about miniaturization. I mean, it’s okay for an exhibition. Like miniature towns, landscapes, model trains. These things don’t really function, they’re art, show elements. But for personal use? I prefer things to be haptic and usable. If it has to be a miniature model, why not use dimensions that are still reasonable. Say, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 etc. Or simply shoe-box sized? Sometimes I think that we owe this craziness the 3D printer hype. These printers are still in their infancy. The usable printing size of a cigarette box is a joke. With real wood or metal working skills much better things could be made.

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