Hackaday Podcast 189: Seven Segments Three Ways, Candle Code, DIY E-Readers, And The Badge Reveal

This week Hackaday Editor-in-Chief Elliot Williams and Managing Editor Tom Nardi will discuss the return of the East Coast RepRap Festival, the scientific application of slices of baloney, and the state of the art in homebrew e-readers. The discussion weaves its way through various reimaginings of the seven (or more) segment display, an impressive illuminated headboard that comes with its own science-fiction film, and the surprising difficulty of getting a blinking LED to actually look like a flame. Stick around to the end to find out why iPhones are freaking out on amusement park rides, and to hear all the details about this year’s Supercon badge.

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Episode 189 Show Notes:

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4 thoughts on “Hackaday Podcast 189: Seven Segments Three Ways, Candle Code, DIY E-Readers, And The Badge Reveal

    1. Oh, that’s a good idea. And a punch card puncher…

      You’re probably going to have to buffer first and then send, though, b/c there’s a preamble and a checksum at the end. (Don’t know if it’s checked…) Also, maybe a timeout after inactivity?

  1. Just listening to the episode now. In regards to the phones calling 911 automatically. If they made the phone listen like was brought up, I don’t think they would be streaming audio off the device. It makes more sense to do some fft and stuff to see if the frequencies associated with a running car are present.

    The main thing I want to say is in response to the extreme displeasure, shall we say, that was expressed towards the idea of the phone reporting a car crash at all. Yes, you are right and the car should be able to do this on its own in an ideal world. But what you are suggesting is that everyone who doesn’t have a car that is capable at the moment can just sit in a ditch dying. Just about everyone has a phone that can be programmed to do crash detection right now, so it makes sense to use that to help people until car manufacturers step up their game.

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