Dumping An EMMC Chip With Many Bodge Wires

Sometimes, you know where the data you need is stored, you just don’t have a way to access it. In this case, [GetHypoxic] needed to rip data off an eMMC chip, salvaged out of a camera. With no desire to wait for an adapter to show up, it was time to bust out the bodge!

Once removed from the PCB, bodge wires were attached to the ball-grid array contacts on the bottom of the chip. Incredibly fine soldering was the order of the day to get these hooked up to the tiny pads, and we count 11 or 12 bodge wires in total. 1.8 volts was manually supplied to the eMMC chip, and it was directly wired up to the contacts of a built-in card reader out of an old laptop for reading.

Despite the rats-nest look of it all, and the yellow polyimide tape holding it together, [GetHypoxic] reported that it mounted successfully and got the job done. We’ve seen similar hacks before, too, wiring eMMC chips up to SD card adapters. It might look messy, but hey – it sure beats waiting for shipping!

11 thoughts on “Dumping An EMMC Chip With Many Bodge Wires

      1. There are 3 or so common packages and then 3 more less common ones. After that there are mostly proprietary one off packages.

        Adapters to standard SD cards can be found on AliExpress for next to nothing.

      1. I would recommend a USB SD flash reader if you do this kind of work (eg short when soldering the reballed emmc). I damaged the SD card slot in a laptop by connecting an SDIO wifi chip to it for driver development. Probably the power draw was too high as an LDO/load switch broke (fortunately trivial to replace, used external psu after that, USB reader is not an option when using SDIO.)

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