Decentralized Chaos In Germany

When you’re planning an event with 15,000 hackers in a tight space these days, the COVID logistics can take the wind right out of your sails. And so the Chaos Computer Club decided, for one more year, to put aside plans for the traditional year-end Chaos Communications Congress. In it’s place this year? Everyone is doing their own thing, together but apart, for the “Dezentrale Jahresendveranstaltungen”.

Some local clubs are putting on local events, some of them have talk streams, and it’s all happening everywhere and at once. If you’re not near one of the roughly 30 locations in Europe that are doing something live – check out the streams. But be warned, there’s a lot to process!

Maybe it’s best to start with the schedule, where you can see what’s coming up next. Live streams are going on throughout, until Dec 30. If you missed a talk, you can check out the pre-release versions on Relive, but note that start times and end times are approximate, so you might need to seek around. And once they’re edited and polished up, they’ll show up on the permanent event playlist, which is still just getting started as we write this.

Right now, we’re watching a talk in German about how to program laser shows, but yesterday there were some great talks on subjects as varied as the history of the C language, how perimeter cybersecurity is dead, how to find the Norwegian prime minister in an “anonymous” dataset, and how Hackaday friend [Dave Darko] made his LED dodecahedron that he was showing off at Supercon.

In short, there’s a lot going on. Check it out.

17 thoughts on “Decentralized Chaos In Germany

    1. Having read through your text again, I can see it is intentional.
      “Decentralized year-end events” for the non-German speaking ones.
      Why you could not translate the “Dezentrale Jahresendveranstaltungen”
      is not clear to me.

    2. I don’t see anything ugly about the title. It is a mildly funny play on words. I suggest that you have your “funny detector” recalibrated. A couple of hours of Michael Mittermeier ought to help.

      Ich sehe nichts hässliches im Titel. Es ist eine leichtes Wortspiel – nicht übertrieben lüstig, aber auch nichts schlimmes. Ich schlage vor, Sie lassen ihrem “Witzedetektor” Kalibrieren. Ein paar Stunden Michael Mittermeier müsste ausreichen.

      1. More people have died in Canada this year than in 2020 OR 2021


        (15.3k, 14.9k, 18.8k, respectively)

        But, yeah, it’s not gone away. And the per-capita rate is still higher in Germany than in Canada (or the USA).

      2. interesting datapoint. that’s partly because canada had very few deaths in 2020 and 2021 compared to other nations (such as US). assuming this dataset is correct, it looks like canada is around 130 per 100k total deaths from rona. worth being concerned about! i guess it’s up to you whether you want to put that ahead of other concerns, eh?

  1. @juergenUK Amusingly stereotypical that you are German and not getting the joke.
    Meanwhile it seems a bit odd that Germans are still on about c’vid these days, since I thought we agreed to just deal with it and not do the panic thing anymore.

    1. A few of the many federal states here in Germany already got rid of (next to) all the regulations, next year hopefully all the others will follow. After THREE years everyone knows what Covid can do, everyone knows how to protect themselves and everyone knows there’s vaccines against it. So now the state can put the responsibility back into the peoples hands.

      In all of Europe we are at the bottom of the league when it comes to Corona.

    2. What an unusual assumption of yours that I did not get the joke.
      I actually did,
      did not find the play on words funny
      and posted my opion,
      which seems still to be allowed.

      Regarding Covid in your post I do not want to comment,
      but it is nice to see your advice for Germany.
      I wonder who agreed with you.
      Do you have any competence in this area?

  2. I enjoyed participating in the hacking-in-parallel event that happened in Berlin, nice small gig, even had a nice little badge and I survived my talk about the LED dodecahedron :)

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