Hackaday Podcast 200: Happy New Year, The Ultimate Game Boy, And Python All The Things

This week, Editor-in-Chief Elliot Williams and Managing Editor Tom Nardi ring in the New Year with…well, pretty much the same stuff they do every other week. After taking some time to talk about the nuts and bolts of the podcast in honor of Episode 200, discussion moves on to favorite stories of the week including an impeccably cloned Dyson lamp, one hacker’s years-long quest to build the ultimate Game Boy, developing hardware in Python, building a breadboard computer with the 6502’s simplified sibling, and the latest developments surrounding the NABU set-top box turned retrocomputer. The episode wraps up with a review of some of the biggest themes we saw in 2022, and how they’re likely to shape the tech world in the coming years.

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Episode 200 Show Notes:

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One thought on “Hackaday Podcast 200: Happy New Year, The Ultimate Game Boy, And Python All The Things

  1. Eeey! I’m on the podcast! :D I have a lot of fun making these videos and I’m super proud to get the mention.

    Elliot, of course I mentioned the Atari 2600 :D The comment section of Hackaday articles is just great proof that nobody watches videos to the end :)
    @19:57 I literally say “[…] and of course it’s technically only a video chip away from practically being an Atari 2600” :D

    I even think the only difference is that I hook up A7 to the RAM Select line, whereas the Atari has it on A9 to put RAM mirrored in the whole $0000-01ff range, whereas I like to have I/O at $0080 for fast I/O.

    Someone in the Youtube comment section also mentioned that I effectively use the 2/3rds of the Atari you can actually get cheap(both the 6507 and 6532 go for about 1$) – since the TIA(Television Interface Adapter) is expensive or hard to get.. But I actually think a vender sent me one by mistake, so I’ll have to try it out.. Or fry it trying.

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