Supersized Laptop Laughs In The Face Of Portability

Two people lounge over a wooden tabletop to lean on a large black laptop. It has a green leaf on its 43" LCD desktop and RGB lighting around its edge is glowing a slightly deeper shade of green.

Sometimes a project needs to go big, and [Evan and Katelyn] threw portability to the wind to build the “world’s biggest” laptop.

Stretching the believability of “bigger is better,” this laptop features a 43″ screen, an enormous un-ergonomic keyboard, and a trackpad that might be bigger than your hand. Not to be outdone by other gaming laptops, it also features RGB lighting and a logo that really pops with neon resin.

The pair started the build with an aluminum extrusion frame joined by hinges. Plywood forms the top lid and bottom of the device, and the interior was covered with a mix of vinyl and ABS to keep everything tidy. A nice detail is the windows cut in the area above the keyboard to keep an eye on the charge of the two battery packs powering the laptop. Weighing more than 100 pounds, we suspect that this won’t be the next revolution in computing.

If you need more supersized gadgets, maybe try out the world’s biggest working keyboard or this giant Xbox Series X?

18 thoughts on “Supersized Laptop Laughs In The Face Of Portability

    1. Is that the largets working “laptop” though? Depends on what one considers the definition of “laptop”. If you are only talking about rough shape, I can see how the recom group’s effort would qualify, but I’m unsure just how portable their entry is. Also, does the one built by recom fold up, open out, and power itself via built in batteries? It also appears that there was significant room behind the screen for “equipment”.

      In my personal opinion, the one in this article stays closer to the concept of a laptop than the one you linked.

    2. That AOL ‘laptop’ is non-folding, has no battery, and the screen is back-projection (the room behind the laptop is an integral and necessary part of it). The giant keyboard was also non-functional (a separate normal-sized keyboard was used for input).

  1. I would love to see someone going to an Starbucks with this baby. It would make quite an impression.

    And now that I think of it, it would make for a very convenient machine for presentations!

  2. That also stretches the definition of ‘luggable’ as well.

    Realistically, if I was going to make a _practical_ Giant ‘laptop’, the only part of it that would be on my lap would be the keyboard and integrated trackball; the rest of it would pull out of the wheelie case it would be built in.

    … Great, now I’ve got this in my head and I’m not going to get any real productive work done today. :D

  3. This is an insane build… But real impractical laptops from big vendors do exist.
    Someone recently brought me an ancient Dell XPS M2010 system for servicing. A monster of a laptop with a 20″ 16:10 screen. It even has a carry handle to move it around and a large detachable keyboard.
    While completely impractical as a laptop, it does make a great desktop. It is really ancient (2006, Core 2 era) but should still handle Windows 10 for basic usage.

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