Hackaday Podcast 216: FETs, Fax, And Electrochemical Fab

In this week’s podcast, non-brothers Elliot Williams and Al Williams talk about our favorite hacks of the week. Elliot’s got analog on the brain, courtesy of the ongoing Op Amp Contest, and Al is all about the retrocomputers, from a thrift-store treasure to an old, but still incredibly serviceable, voice synthesizer. Both agree that they love clever uses of mechanical parts and that nobody should fear the FET.

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Episode 216 Show Notes:


What’s that Sound?

  • Congrats to [Mr SDR] for guessing the sound of the week!

Interesting Hacks of the Week:

Quick Hacks:

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3 thoughts on “Hackaday Podcast 216: FETs, Fax, And Electrochemical Fab

  1. One caveat to the op-amp power supply rejection ratio: it’s frequency dependent. You’ll still want to add low-ESR decoupling capacitors close to the power input to the chip to eat up any fast transients.

    Op-amps are inherently and deliberately slowed down to avoid instabilities. This means they will pass high frequencies through – which is why, when you’re designing filters, a passive low-pass stage in front of your active filter is not a bad idea. It makes the difference between clean output and hearing “pa pada pa pada…” from your hi-fi amp whenever a cellphone is near.

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