Procrastinators Rejoice! 2023 Supercon Call For Participation Extended

When we closed the official Call for Participation for both workshops and talks last week, a good handful of folks wrote to us and asked if they could slip their presentation application in after the deadline. Who are we to say “no” to potential presenters? We want to see all the ideas!

We’re officially extending the Call for Speakers and the Call for Workshops for another week. Get your outline in before Aug. 1st at 9:00 AM PDT, and it’ll be in the selection for Supercon. (And no, we’re not going to extend it twice!)

The Hackaday Superconference is really and truly our favorite event of the year. It’s small, but not too small. The ideas everyone brings with them, however, are big. It’s like the absolute best of Hackaday live and in person. If you’re looking for a place to give a technical talk, or just to regale us all with the trials and triumphs of hacking, you won’t find a more receptive audience anywhere. Plus, presenters get in free.

Behind the scenes, we’re still working on the badge, but we’ve got many of the details fully hammered down. Expect tickets to go on sale in the second week of August – early bird tickets sell out fast. Keep your eyes on Hackaday for the announcement post when it goes live.

We know that November seems a long way out, but we’re looking forward to seeing you all already. Hooray for Supercon!

4 thoughts on “Procrastinators Rejoice! 2023 Supercon Call For Participation Extended

  1. Can you have an International Supercon as you must be aware that 1. As Hackers / Makers / Tinkers m, we don’t have much money. 2. The United States only makes up a portion of your readers, supporter, lovers ❤️, and those who would come to the event in a heartbest, if we could afford it. Yeah, if we didn’t have to fly from Switzerland in my case, I could handle the road trip or domestic flight and the entrance fees and would with joy and great tiding come as I would be the luckest boy (not a boy but always will be at heart as when your curiosity goes well….don’t want to go there. So, could you have a Supercon in the one place where everyone could come no matter the politics of the times and for me the costs as I have two passports (one Blue with a big Eagle and on Red with a big or now kind of smallish White Cross and Switzerland spelled in 4 different languages on front (German, French, Italian, and English, despite that name being thrust upon us by others as this is officially the Confederation Helvetica, hence the initials CH). Just for some useless but relevant knowledge, Switzerland has more patents per capita than any other country in the world and the Maker spaces and Hacker Spaces, though they exist are suffering and could use a shot in the arm. Have a good time to all of you who get to go. Aug. 1 is Switzerland day and I’ll be screwing around with a project I have been working for long time. I need three more things to fully finish my own space a power supply, oscilloscope, and a 3d printer. But, on these days what a miracle it would be to have a plane ticket and a badge to the Supercon event…..dreams.

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