A Wigglegram Lens With Variable Aperture

Wigglegrams are those weird animated pictures you’ve seen that seem to generate a 3D-like effect. [scealux] had built lenses to take such pictures before, but wanted to take things to the next level. Enter the Wigglegram Lens, version 2.

In building a new lens for the Open Sauce ’23 event, [scealux] wanted to get variable aperture working, while also improving focus speed. The lens was also intended for use with a Sony A7R3. Unlike his previous effort, this lens would only work on the full-frame Sony FE mount cameras.

The lens uses a bevy of 3D printed parts, along with plastic lenses salvaged from old disposable cameras. When assembled, it takes three photos simultaneously on one single frame. They can then be reassembled into a Wigglegram by post-processing on a computer. The results are grainy and rough, but yet somehow compelling.

If you want to see [scealux]’s original build for Sony E-mount cameras, we covered it here. Video after the break.

6 thoughts on “A Wigglegram Lens With Variable Aperture

  1. I wonder if it would make sense to build a version of this that had different filters behind or in front of each lens. Maybe a version with four or nine lenses instead. My thought being to use the camera on an unfiltered sensor and capture an image of a given scene with multiple filters spread out across the spectrum. The wigglegram is cool and all, but beyond its artistic value it doesn’t hold a lot of usefulness, just wondering if it’s worth it to add more functionality to this lens array.

    1. I’m a bit confused how your suggested changes/additions would make it more useful. That’s an odd word to use, ‘usefullness’.
      Same for your mention of ‘functionality’, what do you mean with that? I’m confuzled.

      I mean if you would make multiple shots across the spectrum as you say then they would all be from a slightly different vantage point and of poor quality due to those plastic lenses. So if you want that a simple filter rotator would be the much better choice so you get shots of high quality and full resolution.

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