DietPi Version 9.1: Now With Raspberry Pi 5 Support And More

DietPi recently released version 9.1, which among other changes includes new images for the Raspberry Pi 5, Radxa Rock 4 SE and NanoPi R5S/R5C & 6. The Radxa Rock 4 SE image was necessary because the Rock 4’s RK3399 SoC is subtly different from the RK3399-T’s SoC in terms of memory support, which prevents a Rock 4 image from booting on the Rock 4 SE. Meanwhile the Raspberry Pi 5 image is all new and still a bit rough around the edges, with features like the changing of the resolution and camera module support not working yet. These new images are all available for testing.

We covered DietPi previously with their 8.12 release, along with the reasons why you might want to use DietPi over Armbian and Raspberry Pi OS. Essentially DietPi’s main focus is on performance combined with a small installed size, with the included configuration tools and the setup allowing for many more features to be tweaked than you usually find. If the performance improvements, lower RAM usage and faster boot times seen with the Raspberry Pi 4 holds up, then DietPi can just give the Raspberry Pi 5 a nice little boost, while saving power in the process.

Thanks to [StephanStS] for the tip.

10 thoughts on “DietPi Version 9.1: Now With Raspberry Pi 5 Support And More

  1. I’m also a fan of dietpi. It’s great for embedded devices. I use it for various home automation systems with uptimes that have sometimes been measured in years. Also used it for LED art installations that were constantly turned on and off with no file corruption (thanks to its tmpfs filesystems).

  2. I’m also a fan of dietpi. It’s great for home automation projects. Lightweight and easy to customize. I’ve had home automation systems with uptimes measured in years. It runs out of tmpfs filesystems which is also great for projects that get turned on and off all the time without risking file corruption.

  3. I haven’t tried DietPi yet. PI OS is the only one I used to date. Looks like I might have to give it a go! Especially when Dan (above) has to have two messages as a glowing review ;) Ha!

    1. I had Pi OS murdering SD cards from log file writes and then discovered dietPi. If you’re going to run a Pi headless, this is the best OS for that which takes your SD card’s longevity into consideration.

  4. I have DietPi 9.1 running on my VisionFive2 SBC. It works pretty well for the most part, though I do have the occasional issue where it bootloops until I hook up a serial console to force booting correctly. I haven’t quite tracked that one down yet.

    1. Did you flash the latest image?
      My VisionFive 2 (booting from SD Card) runs good, especially compared to the very first beginning (MichaIng developed the image on my “Early Bird” system) also the X11 graphical desktop is running well.

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