Micro Jeep Model Kit Is Both Business Card And Portfolio

When finding work in product design and prototyping, two things are important to have at hand: a business card, and a sample of one’s work. If one can combine those, even better. Make it unique and eye-catching, and you’re really onto something. That seems to  have been the idea behind [agepbiz]’s 1:64 scale micro Jeep model kit that serves as an  “overcomplicated” business card.

Complete with box and labels in a shrink-wrapped package.

At its heart, the kit is a little print-in-place model kit that looks a lot like larger injection-molded model kits. Completing it is a custom-made box with custom labels, and it’s even shrink-wrapped. The whole thing fits easily in the palm of a hand.

There’s a lot of different tools effectively used to make the whole thing. The model card itself is 3D printed in multiple filament colors, and the box is constructed from carefully glued cardstock. The labels are custom printed, and a craft cutter (which has multiple uses for a hobbyist) takes care of all the precise cutting. It’s an awfully slick presentation, and the contents do not disappoint.

Get a closer look in the video, embedded just below. And if you like what you see, you’re in luck because we’ve seen [agepbiz]’s work before in this mini jet fighter, complete with blister pack.

11 thoughts on “Micro Jeep Model Kit Is Both Business Card And Portfolio

  1. This looks over the top. But at the same time, it just reminds me about the freebies they give away at trade shows. It does not make me think it is a business card. Perhaps something that is actually a card, without the box and shrink wrap would get the message better across.

  2. Very slick for a quick handout, good work! I do think the label on the packaging looks a bit washed out / under saturated, but maybe that’s normal for model kits (I wouldn’t know)

  3. Unfortunaly the model files wer poorly made.
    Even on Tinkercad (thats known for bad creating circles from just a few polylines) the provided STL file can not be loaded.
    I put it in a STL fixer (Netfab) and it found THOUSANDS of errors.
    So I got it fixed and cut out just the base frame.
    This loaded into 3D editor shows all the mess behind the curton.
    PLS, do NOT put this carp on Josef Prusa website.

  4. I used to work in HFE and would end up chatting with the bigwigs of some of the biggest corporations in the world. Recruitment of talent was often on their minds. This was pre-covid admittedly.

    They always talked about wanting to see creativity in applicants. People with good grades were a dime a dozen, programmers everywhere. People who were genuinely creative and willing to risk and accept criticism are a treasure.

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