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KiCad Team Releases Warning Regarding Domain Name

On October 19th, [Seth_h] from the KiCad Project posted on the KiCad forums that the project’s original domain name has been unexpectedly sold to a third party, and urged members of the community to avoid any links to this old website.

KiCad has used the domain since 2012 as the official source for information on and downloads of their popular open-source electronics design software. Unfortunately, the original domain name was purchased before KiCad was formalized as an organization, so it was not directly under their control. This all came to head when the old domain name was unexpectedly sold to an unnamed third party that was not affiliated with the project. Currently, the old domain is just a website covered in ads, but the KiCad team fears that it may be used maliciously in the future.

With KiCad’s popularity, thousands of tutorials, articles, and project guides over the years have included links to the old KiCad domain. A Google search in October 2021 found more than 19,000 instances of the old domain spread across the internet. [Seth_h] has called upon the community to make every effort possible to update old links, reducing the chance that people stumble across the wrong website.

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Luckily, Digikey has swooped in to help save the day. They purchased a new domain,, from squatters and donated it to the KiCad Project. (Update: Digi-key donated the domain back in October of 2020 after noticing fishy squatters going back to at least 2016) [Seth_h] explains in his post that a number of safeguards have been put in place to prevent this from happening in the future, including not having the domain name owned by a single person, and having all KiCad trademarks registered to the Linux Foundation.

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