Badminton String Winder Gets The Tension Just Right

If you want to keep your badminton game at its peak, you’ll need a good racket with a proper set of strings. When an injury kept [Antonie Colin] off the court for a few months, building a restringing machine helped pass the time.

The design is straightforward, using commonly-available motion components and 3D-printed parts. The round assembly at one end is used to hold the racket during the restringing process. A leadscrew mechanism driven by a stepper motor is used to apply tension to the strings, anywhere from 18 lbs to 34 lbs. Strings can also be prestretched if so desired. The stringing process is managed by an Arduino, which uses a loadcell to monitor tension placed on the strings. An LCD screen on the device provides feedback on the process and allows various functions to be selected. Flying clamps are used to hold strings in place during the process, either fitted from above or below the device as needed.

If you find yourself regularly restringing your badminton racket, or you simply don’t trust your local pro shop to do so, you might find this build useful. You might also like to build a shuttlecock launcher for training if your practice partners aren’t available on the regular. Our badminton department is looking rather bare at the moment, so don’t hesitate to send your own nifty hacks in to the tipsline!