make your own dance dance revolution mat

dance dance

here’s a pretty cool diy project. if you have a dreamcast and want to make your own ddr mat (dance dance revolution) here’s a step by step that uses an old controller, carboard, toiler paper, cardboard and a bit of solder.


  1. hero says:

    the german tv-cable-show “nbc giga” had 2 years ago a DIY-dancemat project. it was out of wood, and very stable. here is a picture of the base of the “mat”:
    the artikel isn’t anymore on the “nbc giga” server, but it was published on cd. if you are interested i could send you the desciption and plans.
    google cache only knows this about it:,3202,48490,00.html

  2. David says:

    That sounds really cool. I’d love the plans if you wouldn’t mind. :)

  3. sparrowhawk says:

    | A note of caution: Cardboard + Toilet Paper + Cardboard + hot solder/soldering iron = fire. | Stay safe, yo. :P

  4. Mosha clan says:

    Yah! i’d love those plans! Please send’em my way

  5. Chewie says:

    Is there a PS2 version of this ?
    Got a game but the cheep dance mat suxxx !

    My girl would love this to work effectively.

  6. Mike Beccavin says:

    please send me the plans to

  7. Jon MArsh says:

    what about a PC version??? using a usb keyboard?

  8. nate says:

    …enter the f u t u r e ! plans for a frickin laser dance pad! a “laser” is a powerful beam of light. this new “laser” dance pad is kewl cause you step on your regular floor. here is the link:
    request plans and they will email a nifty pdf file complete with parts list

  9. Milleniumsister says:

    ¿How can I get this plans? pliz

  10. dennis henry says:

    hey man ur really gr8 with this idea but how to do it pls reply me as fast as possible ok !

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