robosapien alarm clock

robosapien alarm clock 

here is a great hack that stella sent to us.  mark craig pulled off a really nice looking alarm clock robosapien mod using a couple pic-micros, an lcd panel, and a text-to-speech synthesizer.  i don’t think he’s finished the breakfast-in-bed software yet, but i’ll keep my fingers crossed for an update.  nicely done!

9 thoughts on “robosapien alarm clock

  1. Note:If you’re on a budget then instead of using a breadboard(for the voice synthesizer) get a piece of verra board and cut it to size and wire it correctly and it’ll save you quite a bit of money.

  2. Really cool project!

    This site has re-ignited the hardware hacker in me.
    Okay maybe ignited isn’t a good term, but I still wanna hack stuff.

  3. Any tips on how a beginning hardware hacker can get started. Buy a book? Just hack away? Build a robot? I have a degree in CS, but don’t know much about electronics. Anyone have any ideas?

  4. The 9volts killed my robosapien but I’m planning to continue with my hacking.

    For further information / resources and an excellent robosapien forum see

    Keep up the good work hackaday, I’ve been a regular visitor and have enjoyed the variety of hacks you’ve published.

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