Homemade Night Vision Scope

night vision scope

apparently, greg miller is a class ‘a’ dumpster diver and high voltage hacker.  aside from the image intensifier tube found on ebay, this night vision scope is made almost entirely from other people’s junk.  something like this would add the perfect touch for creeping out friends with your silence of the lambs impersonations.

16 thoughts on “Homemade Night Vision Scope

  1. Most regular CCD AND CMOS imagers will see into the IR spectrum. (Some quite well.)

    You could probably get the same effect with a standard black and white video camera and a larger IR LED array. (Although you wouldn’t get the convenient viewfinder!)

    Great project!

  2. i think you can do the same with a digital camera. Give this a try take your tv remote or any other ir remote aim it at your camera’s lens and look at the cams screen, you’ll see the infrared light. if you could build ir light with a bunch or ir leds you could use any old digicam with ir to make your gogles

  3. Greg is a great guy with a ton of ingenuity. He is an inspiration for all high-voltage enthusiasts, and is the only person i know to have constructed a working Tesla coil out of nothing but junk. He is a Class-A hacker!

  4. I seen this in popular electronics about 15yrs ago and called allover the country looking for them.(before ebay) but I rember reading that you can develop unexposed film, in big sheets to use
    as an IR filter. for like a Q-beam :-)

  5. allelectronics.com sells cheap ccd cams. also you can use any ccd web cam for a project like this. by using either film, or a red and a blue filter place on top of each other, you can make a really good ir filter. that kind of filter works good on a flash light to make ir floods. I use a portable DVD player for my viewer.

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