cell phone jamming

no cell phones
now, if i’m not mistaken, cell phone jamming is illegal in the united states


  1. Calsat says:

    Wow, anyone else find the dude’s massive anti-european bent frightening?

  2. Bobo says:

    I have found a mirror that actually works. These things should be checked.


  3. crummy says:

    calsat: yes. yikes. that kind of thing is what makes the internet bad.

    and what makes the world hate americans :/

  4. calsat,

    i agree. there’s definately some bottled up agression there. he probably works too hard, and drives an american automobile. jealous.

    lord knows we americans have killed our fair share in the past and, depending on one’s poitical affiliations, present. not to mention the whole slavery thing. ugly. but that’s a whole other discussion.

    the jamming hack and related info is great though… can’t have it all, i guess.

  5. Anders Frihagen says:

    I think it is some kind of failed humour… :-|

  6. mister mackey says:

    I do hope it’s a failed attempt at being funny… The amount of resentment against ‘Europe’ as he calls it is quite disturbing, but what frightens me more is that he doesn’t seem to understand the difference between wartime nazi-Germany and the European continent…

  7. martin bishop says:

    Yeah, these guys are crazy, when they first showed up they had a ‘people we don’t like list which included a forum I go to (DDP), they’ve since changed their minds about us it seems, but either way they are still really weird. But the information is good

  8. phyre says:
  9. phyre says:

    DS tetris clone:

  10. bill says:

    I want to get started with a hobby in electronics. I have an MS in CS, so I wouldn’t mind learning a little microprocessor programming as well…

    Anyway, a few questions.
    What sort of tools will I need?
    I know I’ll need a soldering iron and multimeter. Suggestions on these that work well at a decent (or cheap) price?
    Any good resources (websites or books) for a beginner like me?
    Anything else I should know?

  11. Phantim Bantam says:

    Bill: A great book is the digital electronics guidebook. It’s aimed for beginners, and is very well put together. ISBN:0-07-137781-6

    And, does this mean that hackaday created a /. effect? If so, it definitely says something about it’s growing.

  12. Hops says:

    It would be interesting to put a counter on the READ links… that way we could see how much traffic we are actually sending out.

  13. tom says:

    my phone says contact service provider does anyone know how to fix it? i did it while trying to unlock it. is there a hack to get it to work again? i cant do anything on it and all it says is that message. it is a motorola v300 thank you.

  14. Jams says:

    WTF!? Does this guy know nothing?? I like how he groups everyone in Europe together as and paints them as backward savages. I mean, he could at least exclude GB :P But seriously.. i think he should go back into education and get his facts straight before making judgements like that.

  15. joe says:

    The new golden tee live games use cell phone tech so mayby you can jam them

  16. ryan says:

    could you fix this to let your own calls get through, and 911 calls for everyone?

    i can really see a wrongful death suit for someone blocking a 911 call reporting a nasty car accident

  17. guy says:

    the american embassy and the ambassadors house jam cell phone signals in my country

  18. Wizard says:

    Sometimes the internet makes it easy for people to use things they shouldn’t mess with. Jamming Cell Phones is just a bad thing…

  19. maximus says:

    if jamming cellphones is bad the your government is the devil >:).,
    lets face facts folks we have a right to hack what we paid 170 dollars for didnt you want that 300 dollar cell phone but wasnt willing to bend over that dar or couldnt afford it ?
    screw the cell phone company and anyone who is a neo nazi lesbian elvis impersonating save the cell phone company poke ya want to cry about what is wrong go talk to martha stewart ya gimp :) theres my comment hahahahaha

  20. Burp says:

    hei hei hei, it’s just a project base on somebody thesis, and errr the mirror not works actualy.
    Can anybody provide the working one? please …

    thanks in advance,

  21. i don’t understand it…they are craizy???

  22. Kumaar says:

    Cell Phone Jammers are valid in Asia and this co. is selling it like at really cheap rates:


    Just purchases one from them.

  23. john roberts says:

    read this then:


    so it is true about getting fined!

  24. Zyrill says:

    Does anybody have a mirror of that site? including pictures, that is – i can access the google-cache alright but i’d like to see the schematics.

  25. HEllahulla says:

    Hmmm, I like how he mentions AIDs research :)
    I do sadly think that he is not being sarcastic, ironic or even using very basic humour he’s just a little bigoted, it’s s shame because it’s a good site otherwise, with lots of useful information.
    Thankfully he’s not anti semantic or anti Asia, he links to a lot of products by Asian companies.
    Oh well, it’s just sad that there are still bigoted (and seemingly educated) people out there.

  26. Federico Ramos says:

    I want to know if i can copy a SIM Card and put it in another cellphone, and listen what the owner is talking, i think my wife is cheating on me.


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  28. Seth G says:

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  29. robbie m says:

    This is an awesome post, however the plans are not there. Both links are bad. Could anyone post an update?

  30. Stalker says:

    You guys can find plans here (schematics) for now but you better move fast and mirror them somewhere.


  31. hadis mehari says:

    i am a graduating student and i want to make a cell phone jamming (for both GSM 900 and GSM1800)but i can’t get the circuit diagrams especially about GSM1800
    so friends can u help me the circuit diagram for GSM 1800
    thanks in advance

  32. bhushan pawar says:

    i m a biggener…..

  33. Zabrina says:


    you can find more cell phone jammers here,and if you have any qustion about cell phone jammer,you can contact workers listed on the website.

    Order online by Visa and Credit Card is available

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