defcon day 2 – new day rising

our heads hurt. we’re not gonna lie. but then the nasty sound of the doorbell came at about 8am this morning. who was it? ups. they had a nice box for us. t-shirts!

check em out!

hackaday tees

we’ll be selling them today and tomorrow of course at defcon. $100 a piece.

not. they’ll be free, just come find us and find out how you can get one.

to find us, just look for us with the hackaday t-shirts. we’ll probably be rocking a sticker and a pin or two as well. we reccomend getting them ASAP for several reasons…one being that we just don’t have a lot of them.

so come on. hit it up!


  1. mrdelayer says:

    first post.

    seriously though, i wish i could have gone to defcon. no way to get there though :(

  2. grant says:

    I feel horrible that I couldn’t get to defcon, what with living in Florida and being 17. Oh well.
    I just wanted you guys to know that I read your site all the time, and I tell EVERYONE about Hack a Day. It’s also on my site, fyi.
    Well email if you get the chance.

  3. Bryce Sly says:

    Damn I Wish I felt more part of the team. Damn me being a 17 year old canadian

  4. Chris says:

    I am a big fan of hackaday, I check the site for new posts 8-9 times a day, I wish i could be there at defcon, have a great time and post more!

  5. SePPach says:

    love the site, wish i could be there at defcon (looks like i’m not the only one)

    but yeah, being 16 and living in belgium, it’s rather impossible to come

  6. Joe says:

    *drools and touches screen* if only if only

  7. Make it $20 says:

    $100?! I could grab a hackaday wallpaper and make a shirt myself for less. Now that’s hacking!

  8. Carl says:

    Apparently #7 doesnt like reading, just screw the manual (in this case article?) and spam?!



    (What the hell is with 17yr olds? Im 17 in austin, tx, wishing I could go and get free swag…)

  9. Stephen says:

    Hey what about those less fortunate ones of us like me that live in mission,TX (you know the town that is so close to mexico we can wake up to aliens running across our backyards) is there a way for us to obtain one of those kick ass shirts on account of where i live it is insanly far to defcon especially at todays gas prices (if only our government would spend that extra measly 200 dollars to convert all gasoline engines to alcohol engines) well thats bout all i gots to ask that and to keep up the great work cuz this site ramks up there next to maddox (if you dont know who maddox is check it out at and that is pretty high up there like close to numero uno para usted (spanish for ” number one for you”)

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